Krytox Governor Control Systems – Upgrade Lubes And Run Steam Turbines

Business UPGRADE LUBES AND RUN STEAM TURBINES LONGER The application challenge The flow of steam into a steam turbine is controlled by a series of valves, normally driven by a cam shaft and lifting levers. The assembly is collectively known as the valve rack. The components in the valve rack operate in an extremely harsh environment. They can be exposed to high temperatures and corrosive, high-velocity steam flow. Conventional lubricants used on these components can quickly oxidize, break down, or wash away at which point the valve rack can end up locked in one position compromising speed control over the steam turbine. The problem with the obvious solution The most obvious solution is to schedule more frequent re-lubrication. Yet this is far from optimal. Lubricating an operating turbine is difficult work, with workers exposed to hot surfaces. If the existing lubricant is already oxidized or solidified, re-lubrication might offer little benefit. What will work better? Ideally, the lubricant selected for this job will stand up to the environment and be a high temperature grease. The lubricant must be able to withstand temperatures in excess of 600 F (315 C) without oxidizing or breaking down. The lubricant must be non-reactive and not wash away with the steam flow. Most importantly, the high temperature grease must provide outstanding lubrication qualitiesa thick lubricating filmto reduce friction as the turbine parts move in response to system needs. DuPont designed its Krytox NRT family of synthetic high temperature lubricants to do exactly that. Why DuPont Krytox? To start with, Krytox NRT is a high temperature grease that does NOT break down. Equally important, it does not react with steam, moisture, or metals (or plastics or elastomers, for that matter). It provides an excellent lubrication film to protect components from vibration and fretting wear. Krytox NRT high temperature grease lasts longer in steam turbine applications. They extend re-lubrication intervals; prolong component life; improve turbine uptime, control, and responsiveness – all while lowering the costs associated with equipment downtime and maintenance. Proof positive Consider the valve rack in the photo below. This assembly controls the turbine driving a wet gas compressor in an FCC unit at a refinery. The surface temperature of the valve rack is in excess of 600 F (315 C). The compressor typically runs at a constant speed for long intervals. In the past, when there would be a need for a process change, the valve rack would be frozen in place because the high-temperature hydrocarbon-based grease would be oxidized and dried out. Operations would call a maintenance crew to get the valve rack moving again, costing operational delays and lost profit. 18 months ago, the refinery began lubricating all of the moving parts with DuPont Krytox NRT high temperature grease. The upper guide bushings, cam shaft bearings, lift lever bushings, and other components now move freely because Krytox NRT does not oxidize or break down in the heat. The grade used for this application can withstand continuous temperatures to 660 F (350 C) with excursions to 750 F (400 C). The result: less maintenance, better operability, fewer headaches, and higher profits. Depending on OEM, age, etc., some racks will have more lubrication points and some fewer than this example. Evaluate on a case by case basis, but Krytox NRT should be used as an assembly lube during any service and repair work, and applied generously for optimum equipment performance. Boulden Company can supply you with DuPont Krytox Oils & Greases, worldwide. Krytox lubricants provide superior protection and load-carrying ability under the most severe conditions. To learn more, contact the Boulden representative nearest you. Boulden Company can supply you with DuPont Krytox Oils & Greases, worldwide. Krytox lubricants provide superior protection and load-carrying ability under the most severe conditions. To learn more, contact the Boulden representative nearest you. For centrifugal pumps, Boulden Company also sells DuPont Vespel CR-6100 wear components, which can protect your pump from run dry events, wear ring seizure, and the damage that results from these events. How much money could you save by improving centrifugal pump efficiency? Are you tired of poor mechanical seal reliability from pumps that were built more than 20 years ago? Let Boulden Company help address these issues with the next generation composite wear ring material:DuPont Vespel CR-6100. About the Author: Boulden Company has been providing outstanding technical sales and service to OEMs, end-users, and repair shops that maintain rotating equipment in the petrochemical, refining, and chemical process industries. Boulden is not a typical manufacturers rep firm. 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