La Liga – Benzema scored Real Madrid 2-1 super morata lore Barcelona 2

La Liga – Benzema scored Real Madrid 2-1 super morata lore Barcelona 2 points morata lore, Real Madrid win 2-1 lead sina sports news Beijing time at 02:45 on October 24th (Spain local time 23 20:45), 201617 season league ninth round a focus of the war at the Bernabeu stadium for the 2, Real Madrid home court 1 Lectra Bilbao athletics, Benzema scored, Sabin tie, substitute morata juesha. Real Madrid after winning 2 points ahead of barcelona. Real Madrid nearly 13 League against Bilbao only negative 1 games, nearly 11 League home court against Bilbao victory. Bilbao Real Madrid or the last league away in 2005. The two sides in the history of the League clash 170 games, Real Madrid’s 87 wins, 32 draws and 51 losses prevail, including the home of 57 wins, 15 draws and 13 losses. Carvajal, Kovacic and easco out of rotation. Benzema celebrates Real Madrid took the lead on seventh minutes, Marcello pass, Szabo Ritter failed to timely rescue, Isko restricted the right pass, Benzema 10 yards into the fire. Leading Real Madrid continued low shot into the restricted area before the cross is yilaisuosi wants. C Luo long shots. Sixteenth minutes, Marcello cross from the left, Baer’s header over the bar. Bilbao after 1 minutes with color, lecue right xiadichuanzhong, but Sabin from 12 yards header also slightly higher. Easco pass, C Luo small angle shot left the restricted area and slip out the door. Benzema scored Real Madrid conceded Lekoue pass, restricted the right oblique eraso also missed. Bilbao twenty-seventh minute, Pepe failed to timely rescue, eraso restricted the right of return, Sabin 10 yards shot into the net, 1-1. Carvajal pass, but Baer header is still out. Bilbao quick counterattack won 3 chance to play 3, eraso pass, but curling shot Sabin left off the edge of the area. Before the end of the first half, Baer left the restricted area inside pass, rappolt grab C Luo close before the rescue. C, then get rid of the right into the small forbidden area shooting rappolt yilaisuosi block confiscated. Bilbao equalised in the second half to Real Madrid main, Baer Kovacich after passing into the restricted area in lecue defense fall, the referee ignored. Bilbao fifty-second minutes miss Pepe was a tight defensive lapses, but Williams edge of the area is slightly higher than the single shot. Easco right pass, Benzema 10 yards header into the yilaisuosi wants. C, from 30 yards wide of the right post. Lucas Vasquez replaced easco appearance. Baer cross from the left, C Ronaldo 10 yards volley Dianshe higher again. Cross free kick pass, C Luo 10 yards header is still biased. Cross passes away, followed by tapping up Benzema, C Ronaldo closed top shot or missed. Lucas – Vasquez restricted the right pass, Kovacic edge of the top ball wide of the left post rub. Morata for Benzema. She sent forward pass, offside Baer restricted left side selfless xiechuan, but C Ronaldo failed to catch the chance)相关的主题文章: