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Lao She’s daughter to see good drama adaptation of "horse" – Culture – original title: Lao She’s daughter well adapted drama "horse" in 1999, Chen Daoming Guanhua Liang, who starred in the TV series "horse". 16 years later, by the Beijing City show limited liability company, Beijing Jia Mo cultural art Co. Ltd., Beijing Pu Yi Culture Communication Co., Ltd. Co produced according to the Lao She novel drama "horse", on November 16th to 17 at the capital theatre premiere. Yesterday, Mr. Lao She’s daughter, "horse" literary consultant Shu Ji (right), script planning Guan Jixin, the drama director, screenwriter, starring Fang Xu and other cast members appeared together of second temple, meanders the fusion of British humor and the old Beijing flavor of the novel for the first time onto the stage drama karma story. In 1929, Lao she wrote the novel "horse" in the uk. This is one of Lao She’s early novels, and "Lao Zhang" s philosophy, "Zhao Ziyue", established as one of the pioneers of the new literature of Lao She’s position. People familiar with the "Xiangzi camel" "Sishitongtang" and other works, "horse" does not contain too many sad color, with exquisite Chinese and Western Humor of Lao She, staggered exotic love and Britain all expose the local customs and practices. Lao she focuses on the description of the little people of the passions, at the window to the world a glimpse of the society at that time from the individual’s ups and downs, he created many vivid characters in them, including Ma Zeren, Ma Wei, horse pony clerk Li Zirong, particularly impressive. Although the story happened in London’s story, Lao She was in his classic "Beijing" rendering them, and let people make impromptu comic gestures and ramarks humor, the story of the artistic image in mind firmly. Over the past few years, the Fang Xu series of Lao She’s "my life", "Cat City" and "divorce" put on the stage. The drama of Lao She’s unique fusion of literary style, shaping the unique Fang Xu "Beijing style drama". Among them, the actor’s monologue skill extremely test "this life" has become the most representative repertoire of asahi. In the "horse" move when on stage, Fang Xu first thought to the creation in the last hundred years ago and now works of universal significance. He found life’s sadness from Lao She’s full of love, from the collision of Chinese and Western glimpse of pride and Prejudice is the interpersonal emotion. In the overall presentation, Fang Xu from the original humor, the attitude of the game to create two degrees. As the elements to carry out his English newspaper, would become "a form of strong sense of adult cartoon comedy". "The combination of a two dimensional cartoon and a performance, all the stories in a variety of wonderful changes in the English newspaper. The whole play is a big game." But mother and child in the interesting temperature of choice, Fang Xu chose beyond all expectations two actors playing in. Among them, the young actor Liu Xinran will play the role of mrs.. In addition to the nine named characters, "five men" actor will take turns playing yibingding E on several characters. The drama of the literature consultant Shu Ji each other’s adaptation and interpretation of Xu full of confidence: "see Fang Xu in the drama stage, how to"相关的主题文章: