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Last year the ten network report: peripheral female taxi software fraud was the original title: 2015 annual national network of ten typical case report released on 1 February, Xinhua news agency, Beijing (reporter Luo Yufan) Chinese Internet Illegal Information Reporting Center announced the 1 national network 2015 annual report of ten typical cases, to remind the majority of Internet users to enhance network security in accordance with the law consciousness, the Internet, safety nets, and warning the Internet information service providers according to the law office network. The ten typical reporting cases cover the main types of harmful information on the Internet, such as rumors, infringement, fraud, pornography, etc., which have the characteristics of great harm, bad social influence, new mode of dissemination, and high public satisfaction of disposal results. Ten typical cases in the published mainly include: brush the singles "overlord" car in the taxi drops suffered huge losses of fraud report; infringement of micro channel public accounts "top entrepreneurs thinking" fraudulent use of Wanda Group Chairman Wang Jianlin issued in the name of the report; rush ticket software implanted trojan virus "Wenzhou crash report;" "city of terrorist attacks caused public panic rumors reports;" no Tibetan saffron "brings negative effect to the Tibetan Tourism false news report; criminals spread feudal superstition, the cult of sophistry, political harmful information to deceive the masses to report; illegal use of micro letter envelopes" rampant bet "the gambling class report; website platform for trick prostitute prostitution" matchmaking "porn report; micro channel public account fraud trap Cheat MLM ill-gotten gains. According to reports, Chinese Internet Illegal Information Reporting Center in 2015, the site around the country attaches great importance to and actively promote the network report, Sina, Tencent and other 228 big impact, users access to many websites signed "actively carry out network reporting work commitments", to the public telephone, actively accepting illegal information active, accept the supervision of the public; users reported significantly increased awareness, the netizens to report the amount of up to about 28000000 times, there is a problem to find the "report" consultation, find trouble report problems, to find the "report" rights demands become more and more netizens consensus; the law enforcement departments according to public reports, spread rumors, violence spread vigorously remediation the spread of terrorism, pornography and other network chaos, disposal of a large number of users to report, reflect the strong social network has concentrated Harmful information, effectively safeguarding the interests of users, and make a positive contribution to the network space. Chinese Internet Illegal Information Reporting Center relevant responsible person said, the network governance chaos, create a cool and bright space network, not only is a matter of national security and social stability, but also directly related to the vital interests of each netizen. Report Center welcomes netizens to actively report illegal and bad information online. (Editor) editor in chief: Ni Zijian

去年十大网络举报:外围女与打车软件诈骗入选   原标题:全国网络2015年度十大典型举报案例对外公布   新华社北京2月1日电 (记者罗宇凡)中国互联网违法和不良信息举报中心1日公布全国网络2015年度十大典型举报案例,提醒广大网民增强网络安全意识,依法上网,安全用网,并警示互联网信息服务提供者依法办网。   十大典型举报案例涵盖谣言、侵权、诈骗、色情等网上有害信息主要类型,具有危害性大、社会影响恶劣、传播方式新颖、处置结果公众满意度高等特点。   这次公布的十大典型案例主要包括:刷单打“霸王”车致使“滴滴打车”遭受巨额损失的诈骗类举报;微信公众账号“顶尖企业家思维”冒用万达集团董 事长王健林名义发文的侵权类举报;抢票软件植入木马的病毒类举报;“温州动车相撞”“包头市发生恐怖袭击”引发民众恐慌的谣言类举报;“西藏不产藏红花” 给西藏旅游业带来负面影响的虚假新闻类举报;不法分子传播封建迷信、邪教歪理,蒙骗群众的政治类有害信息举报;不法分子利用微信红包“猖狂下注”的赌博类举报;网站平台为招嫖卖淫“牵线搭桥”的色情类举报;微信公众账号设置陷阱诈骗不义之财的传销类举报。   据中国互联网违法和不良信息举报中心介绍,2015年,全国各地各网站高度重视并积极推动网络举报工作,新浪、腾讯等228家影响力大、网民访 问多的网站签署了《积极开展网络举报工作承诺书》,向社会公布举报电话,积极受理违法和不良信息,主动接受公众监督;网民举报意识明显增强,全年网民举报 量高达2800多万件次,有问题找“举报”咨询、遇麻烦找“举报”解难、需维权找“举报”诉求成为越来越多网民的共识;执法部门根据公众举报,大力整治散 布谣言、宣扬暴恐、传播黄赌毒等网络乱象,处置了一大批社会反映强烈、网民举报集中的网络有害信息,有效维护了网民权益,为清朗网络空间做出积极贡献。   中国互联网违法和不良信息举报中心相关负责人表示,治理网络乱象、营造清朗网络空间,不仅事关国家安全和社会稳定,而且直接关系每个网民的切身利益。举报中心欢迎广大网民积极举报网上违法和不良信息。(完) 责任编辑:倪子牮相关的主题文章: