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Leave the first working day after the weather was fine and hot dry Guangxi Nanning news (reporter Yan Jiangping correspondent Mo Yi) October 8th is the first working day after the national holiday, the weather is still good and we stay. October 7th, the reporter learned from the Guangxi Meteorological Observatory, October 8th -10 day. The cloudy to sunny, very hard to find traces of rain. 7 days 20 when to 9 days 20 when the weather forecast diagram 7 is the last day of National Day holiday, review of the National Day holiday, most areas of Guangxi are mainly sunny to cloudy weather, sunny weather for the charming landscape of Guangxi. It is understood that the average temperature of the 7 day: North Guangxi and Guangxi in the alpine mountain 20-23 degrees, 23-26 degrees, 26-28 degrees south of Guangxi, compared with the same period the year, the Department of high temperature of 1-3 DEG C, parts of Guidong near the normal, within 7 days of the sunny to cloudy weather. Weather experts expect the next week (October 8-14) and compared to the same period last year, Zhou Pingjun temperature: most of the region around 1 degrees Celsius high; Zhou rainfall: North of Guangxi 7-9 less than normal. Experts suggest that the autumn is getting stronger, the night temperature will drop too low, the elderly and children should pay special attention to keep warm. Related: "" free "solar term health: autumn is getting stronger towards the late honey salt light diet" "Guangxi fine song sang all day hot dry water"相关的主题文章: