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A small increase on Shenzhen Hong Kong Li: there are three major trading patterns of the world’s first significant progress in August 25th summer Yabuli forum held in Xi’an, the Hong Kong Stock Exchange president evening Shenzhen Tong and Shanghai Hong Kong Forum, together with the man’s Chinese District chairman Li Yifei, Minsheng Securities chief economist Qiu Xiaohua, talked about the many of the Shenzhen Hong Kong topic. The following is the main idea of the Li Xiaojia of the forum speech: [Li Xiaojia: Shenzhen Tong in the true sense of the world’s first trading mode] the Hong Kong Stock Exchange CEO Li Xiaojia said that the Shenzhen Hong Kong through the opening, whether the AH premium will soon disappear into the era of Hong Kong whether from the downturn era, these are not the Shenzhen Hong Kong through the greatest significance. Shenzhen on real significance is to open a new transaction model, transaction mode and settlement mode separately, every day net settlement, this is significant. [Li Xiaojia: Shenzhen Tong can not in the short term rapid increase of Hong Kong stocks trading volume] Li Xiaojia said that the Shenzhen Tong can not in the short term rapid elimination of AH shares price, can not increase rapidly the Hong Kong stock turnover, will quickly again gave birth to the Hong Kong stock era. Shenzhen and Shanghai and Hong Kong through the biggest significance is to build a bridge, the internal and external price, capital connection. Li Xiaojia said that Shanghai and Hong Kong through the separation of transactions and settlement system, is the world’s first. [Li Xiaojia: Shenzhen Tong is Shanghai and Hong Kong through three significant progress] Li Xiaojia said the difference between three points, one is in the north and south through the Shenzhen have increased more than and 100 shares of the underlying; two is the total amount of Shenzhen Tong canceled restrictions can circularly trading down; three is that after the Shenzhen lit ETF is included in the subject. Li Xiaojia: A, H shares between the existence of risk-free arbitrage mechanism can eliminate the spread of the two] HKEx President Li Xiaojia said that when there is no risk arbitrage between A shares and H shares in the presence of the mechanism, it can eliminate the AH stock price difference. At present, although the same company A shares and H shares of the same rights, but because the stock can not flow freely on both sides and replace each other, A shares are still higher than the H shares. [Li Xiaojia: if you want to run away, the Shenzhen traffic barrier] forum, Li Xiaojia said, if you want to run away, the Shenzhen Tong is not for you, the Shenzhen Tong is way for domestic investors to enjoy the benefits of overseas asset allocation. [President Li Xiaojia: Shanghai is a fun renntun] Li Xiaojia said, only the two time the market can be similar for interoperability, said before the "Shanghai renntun" is a joke, Chinese sleep can not sleep, foreigners are not, we can pursue interoperability and singapore. [Li Xiaojia: sorry or stay in the heart] [moderator Li Yifei asked, (and the mainland) in the process of negotiations, the most successful place? What is the biggest regret? The question came out, and everyone laughed. Li Xiaojia hesitated for a moment and said, "this is a good question. Regret or keep in mind!" Everyone laughed. [Li Xiaojia: I hope all kinds of restrictions on slowly release] hope, Li Xiaojia said, is a hope can let go of the interconnection of varieties, such as derivatives and bonds; the two is that Hong Kong stocks through the 500 thousand threshold can slowly decline; three is the underlying stock can slowly increase, now some small stocks are not included in the scope, but some people"相关的主题文章: