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Legal "In much the same way a local doctor treats family members for a range of medical conditions through the years, local law firms form similar relationships with clients seeking long-term counsel for legal problems that arise in the course of family or professional life. These services range from family law matters including divorce, child custody, adoption, wills and estate planning; to other legal matters such as personal injury, workers compensation, medical malpractice and real estate law. As family doctors often serve members of a community as a practice area, local attorneys also may limit their business to a single community, region or state, while building expertise and experience in the areas unique legal and regulatory framework. As practice areas grow, local firms may add additional staff and take on attorneys with new specialties to serve the expanding needs of clients. Law firms leverage local advantage to bring value and positive outcomes to clients: Large enough to deliver expert legal counsel Its a misconception that local law firms tend to be small operations. Many are, but larger firms that choose to limit practice to one region or state also may grow their scope and capabilities to provide service in a number of legal specialties. Like family doctors who refer patients to specialized care providers when a medical condition lies outside their experience and skills, local attorneys may tap the capabilities of outside legal specialists to serve clients. Small enough to offer personal service clients value Local law firms may depend less on advertising to attract clients and more on word-of-mouth marketing common to smaller practice areas. To generate this effective marketing strategy, local firms may emphasize exceptional and personal client service to spur new and repeat client business. Familiarity Breeds Results for local firm clients When a law firm chooses to practice in a single state or region, knowledge of local law and statute, plus a familiarity with the priorities of public officials and members of the judiciary is an advantage for clients. An experienced local attorney who has handled a number of related cases subject to state law can save client time and money that would have been spent on additional case research. In selecting a local law firm experience does matter When a law firm can count its history in decades, its a reasonably safe assumption that its members are doing something right. Building trust within a community is a key long-term objective for a local law firm. In achieving favorable results for clients, local attorneys with a solid, legal experience, plus a working knowledge of the practice areas history and unique culture can be an asset. Local firms share common ground with local clients Like other business and professional service providers, members of local law firms often take active roles in the communities they serve. Some firms may offer pro bono services to an area non-profit or public service organization such as a school district or a program that benefits youth and families. Attorneys with local firms may serve on boards of such organizations, while also providing support to local community service and charitable organizations. " About the Author: Andrews, Bongar, Starkey & Clagett , is one of the oldest and largest Southern Maryland law firms. As we have grown, we retained the personality and vision of the founders of our place in Southern Maryland " a friendly, honest law firm serving the public with high quality legal work and good service. Learn more about our local law firm at .southernmarylandlaw… Article Published On: 相关的主题文章: