Manchester derby and Ibrahimovic West kill intong! Look forward to the Revenge of the melon – Sohu S-jodie foster

Manchester derby and Ibrahimovic West kill intong! Looking for revenge Guardiola – Sohu E. Bravo’s a mistake, let Ibrahimovic again show the textbook like volley skills. But the "Fengxian" game 10 shooting only 1, it can be clearly seen in " > goal: a mistake Bravo attack errors Ibrahimovic Bravo Jianlou volley leaves off, let Ibrahimovic again show the textbook like volley skills. But the "Fengxian" game 10 shooting only 1, also can see that Manchester United’s new No. 9 and the team eventually lost 1-2 impatient, also let Ibrahimovic the past four and a half years for the first time to taste their own goals but lose the league game the team home court. Derby war, for Ibrahimovic is not strange. Playing in the City Derby in Milan, Derby city in Barcelona and the national Derby, the Swede in this regard is absolutely old driver". Former Arsenal striker Henry is a commentator on sky sports, before the game, he spoke highly of Ibrahimovic, "Zlatan is born for this competition, he is always able to control such an important game. Now he is in good shape, he is not young, but he has a kind of ability to erupt as long as the outbreak." In fact, the opponent’s coach for Ibrahimovic Guardiola is not strange, and he had to work at Barcelona, but only two people to "separate" when not happy, before Ibrahimovic expressed in polite way, that really regret not more time cooperation with Mourinho. Of course, Ibrahimovic knows the best way to fight back is on the pitch. Manchester United "polite" start to let them in the game to play 35 minutes in the score was 0-2 behind, if this result holds to the end of the half, is sentenced to death, Mourinho’s team because the Reds last time in two ball backward case eventually reversed already dating back to 2013’s festival boxing day, Manchester United at the time is the reversal of 3-2 defeated Hull city team. But forty-second minutes when the opportunity came, Rooney free kick on the right side to Manchester City in the area, the stones collided and goalkeeper Bravo fumbled the ball before the opportunity, Ibrahimovic is certainly not miss, a right foot volley will put the ball to the Manchester city. Ibrahimovic therefore becomes after Saha and Van Persie third scored 4 Premier League goals of the United players in the first 4 Premier League games, is the first to score in the Manchester derby Swedish players, 34 years and 343 days, "Fengxian" has become the Scholes and Xielinhanmu in the Premier League Manchester City Derby in third old goals player. In addition, according to the sun, the statistics, he also continued his first game in the derby will score record, today is Ibrahimovic played twelfth Derby, record of 7 wins, 2 draws and 3 losses, which have had a goal. Since the start of last season, 30+ year old Ibrahimovic has scored 42 goals in the last 35 games. But Ibrahimovic is eager to win from him too impatient shot can be discerned, whether it is near the end of almost mianduikongmen meek tuishe, or the second half opening stage is the goal of the gun is notpressing. Ibrahimovic finished 10 against Manchester City相关的主题文章: