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Mao Dun took the manuscript   million price; auction companies sued for Copyright Infringement — Jiangxi channel — 29 morning, the Nanjing Liuhe court together with copyright infringement case, the plaintiff is the three grandchildren of the famous writer Mao Dun, V. Nanjing auction company without a legal heir permit, and published the original manuscript of Mao Dun calligraphy exhibition, the works they have violated the right of publication, reproduction rights, distribution rights, the right of exhibition, the right to network dissemination of information. Yangzi Evening News correspondent Lu Yan media reporter Ren Guoyong cause: Mao Dun manuscript auction before the original display of lawsuits, Yangzi Evening News reporter learned from the trial, the plaintiff is the two Mao Dun’s grandson and a granddaughter. Both the plaintiff and the defendant are represented by an attorney. The plaintiff claimed that they were the legitimate heirs of the copyright of all works of Mr. Mao Dun, and had the right to inherit the property right of Mao Dun’s copyright in accordance with the law. A Nanjing auction company sued in January 3, 2014 and 4, the company in Nanjing Ding Shan Hua Yuan Hotel on the Mao Dun manuscript "on the recent brush calligraphy works are short stories" preview before the auction. The indictment said that in January 5, 2014, the manuscript works in the exhibition auction in 2013 China paintings and calligraphy, and ultimately to 12 million 75 thousand yuan expensive film, produced a huge social impact, the defendant from the auction work involved in the public benefit is difficult to measure, will convey a "strong signal can be used to make a lot of money Mao Dun." to the agency. This has been a serious obstacle for the plaintiff to have been engaged in the collection and publication of Mr. Mao Dun’s manuscripts in silence and difficulty. Sue: stop infringement and compensation for the loss of 500 thousand yuan the plaintiff said that the manuscript is a commentary written by Mao Dun in 1958, the text published in 1958 "people’s Literature" in sixth, but the brush calligraphy manuscripts beyond the text, also has a very high artistic value of calligraphy. As the grandson and granddaughter of Mr. Mao Dun, the behavior of auction companies has never been approved by them. Auction companies in the implementation of a series of acts, including copying, distribution, exhibition, publication and Internet communications, such an auction will profit 1 million 575 thousand yuan. They asked the court to order the defendant to stop infringement of the plaintiff on the right of reproduction, the exhibition right and the right of information network dissemination of the work involved in the behavior, including the removal of all the web pages and other business related with the real and virtual field involved calligraphy picture; to order the defendant to the plaintiff and the defendant apology in the media on the official website of the court to order the defendant to compensate the plaintiff; because of the work involved in the publication, reproduction rights, distribution rights, the right of exhibition and information network transmission right infringement, the economic losses and reasonable expenses paid by the plaintiff to stop infringement by spending a total of 500 thousand yuan. The controversy over the case is whether the manuscript is a work of calligraphy or literature On the court, this is about 30 pages marked with more than 9000 words of the manuscript is not a calligraphy calligraphy works become the focus of controversy between the two sides. From the point of view of copyright law, if it is a literary work, the literary criticism has long been published, not to exist相关的主题文章: