Maoming is now two 5 meters tall columnar cactus see shout open eyes (video)

Maoming is now two 5 meters tall columnar cactus see shout "eyes open" Maoming Evening News correspondent Zhang Xiqing photo Maoming news mansion in the town of Maonan District week pit village secretary Liang Sen studio outside in the yard, there are two tall columnar cactus nearly 5 meters high, to see who are chanted eye-opening". It is understood that the two column is immortal tree beam Secretary ten years ago from a group of Po Tian Zhou Keng Cun Zhang in front of a fairy shaft folded under two planting branchlets. The reporter saw, the two tree species in the columnar cactus outside a beam Sen studio yard, about ten meters apart, a tree was covered around the green tree, a tree with no cover, almost all height. Beam secretary said that the two tree columnar cacti usually do not care, no fertilizer, can grow so well. The reporter saw, the two fairy tree at the bottom of the column tree stem is not large, the number is not much more to the growth of tree stems is greater, the number is more, attached lines. The reporter saw, immortal column tree had whipped bud, some have been fruitful. It is understood that this column is also called the immortal ruler, for Hylocereus undatus epiphytic plants, more succulent pulp. Stem stout, dark green, with large flowers trigonous; shaped, white, fragrant, open 5 to the evening of September; native to tropical and subtropical areas of America, there are many other cultivated in tropical and subtropical regions. Maoming evening news reporter Huang Chufan correspondent Zhang Xiqing (Maoming network) [related reading] three – storey cactus have you seen it?相关的主题文章: