Mechanical revolution new spy exposure determined with gtx1060 winsockfix

Mechanical revolution new spy exposure determined with GTX1060 mechanical revolution brand both in workmanship or hardware and other aspects in the game in this field has a good reputation. Cool appearance, needless to say, I believe seen mechanical revolution real buddy will stop watching, in the hardware configuration is the pursuit of the strongest gaming hardware. With the release of the NVIDIA GTX10 alone, a lot of the game manufacturers are updated its notebook product for the first time, mechanical revolution is no exception. The exposure of the spy photos we found 1060 GTX  high performance single figure. Mechanical revolution new spy according to the exposure of the photos we can see, the new extension of the mechanical revolution to deep-sea Titan Series in appearance, black and red color typical, angular. The spy is not complete, so the appearance we do not elaborate too much. The revolutionary new machinery equipped with GTX  1060 in the hardware configuration, it is not clear the new mechanical revolution processor, memory information, but you can clearly see the screenshot of the control panel by exposing the hardware manager and NVIDIA, the machine is equipped with a high performance single NVIDIA GTX  1060, the driver version is 369.09. We can see that the new revolution in mechanical performance in the game performance should be very good. At present, there is very little information about the mechanical revolution of new products, but the exposure of the spy photos of considerable credibility. And in accordance with the new spy that has entered the production stage, only the mechanical products and the official release date of revolution. As for the price, to the mechanical revolution in the past high cost performance of the practice, this new product in the price should be more than the market in the sale of GTX  1060 models to be cheaper. Look forward to the specific price will give you a surprise.相关的主题文章: