Medical device market scale expansion of R & D outsourcing

The medical device market to expand R & D outsourcing service Sina App: just unfolding live on-line bloggers to guide your entries you make you take will always let you fall falls in 2016 eighteenth Wuhan international medical equipment exhibition held in Wuhan International Convention and Exhibition Center today. The exhibition products include medical equipment, medical diagnostic imaging equipment and auxiliary equipment materials, provide professional purchasing platform for the world’s most advanced technology and equipment, the same period will also organize a series of activities to further promote China’s medical equipment upgrades and technical level. Rapid growth in the size of the global medical device market. Data show that last year the global medical device market reached $400 billion, an annual compound growth rate of over 5%. It is expected that by 2020, the global medical device market will increase to about $500 billion. It is worth mentioning that last year, the global medical device research and development investment reached $24 billion 800 million, an annual compound growth rate of more than 4.2%. In addition, in recent years, China’s medical device market size also showed rapid growth. "2015 Chinese medical equipment industry development blue book" shows that last year the total size of China’s medical device market is about 308 billion yuan, the annual compound growth rate of 17.01%, the size of the medical device market of our country is higher than the global market growth. Expected in 2017, China’s medical device market size will reach 441 billion 700 million yuan, the annual compound growth rate will exceed 20%. With the rapid growth of the global market size of medical devices and medical device R & D investment continues to increase, will bring incremental space for medical devices CRO services. From the point of view of the industrial chain, the medical device CRO belongs to the pharmaceutical outsourcing service industry, the upper reaches of the medical device is to provide clinical data of medical institutions; the downstream is a medical device manufacturer. The development of medical device CRO industry depends on the rapid development of medical device industry. At present, China’s medical device CRO enterprise services are mainly concentrated in the field of medical research, and medical devices CRO participants less. Agency believes that the medical device CRO extends from the field of medicine to the field of equipment will be a gradual development process. At present, China’s medical device CRO industry is in the early stages of development, with policy support to increase, as well as the continuous development of medical technology, medical devices CRO industry is expected to usher in rapid expansion opportunities. In July this year, policy, development and Reform Commission issued the "guiding opinions on the focus of the work of the division of labor plan" to promote the healthy development of the pharmaceutical industry, the key components of proposed focus on the development of digital detectors, superconducting magnet, high heat capacity X ray tubes, nuclear medical imaging equipment and PET-CT PET-MRI superconducting magnetic resonance imaging system (MRI) high performance medical equipment, promote the automatic biochemical analyzer in vitro diagnostic reagents and equipment industry. In addition, last year, the State Council issued "on the reform of drug and medical device review and approval system", proposed the establishment of a more scientific and efficient drug and medical device review and approval system, the approval of drugs and medical equipment effectiveness, safety and controllability of quality reached the international advanced level of相关的主题文章: