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Michael Phelps perfectly Olympic career review time – Sohu [Rio stadium home watch watch] on Rio games is like a raging fire, in the field, and Olympic related activities equally brilliant, not to be missed. As the official Olympic timing of the famous Swiss watch brand OMEGA, which is located in Ipanema beach in OMEGA home just in August 15th ushered in a "swimming legend" special events. Michael? Phelps (Michael Phelps), Chad Close (?? Chad Le Clos), Alexander? Popov (Alexander Popov) attended the OMEGA home "swimming legend" special event this "swimming legend" special activities can be described as star studded, OMEGA celebrity ambassador, Olympic swimmer Michael? Phelps (Michael Phelps) and Chad?? Close (Chad Le Clos) both appeared in the event. In addition, Alexander OMEGA, another celebrity Ambassador? Popov (Alexander Popov) were also in attendance, the Russian former Olympic athletes is recognized as one of the extremely short distance freestyle outstanding. Michael? Phelps (Michael Phelps) and Chad Close (Chad?? Le Clos) each wearing OMEGA hippocampus series of ocean 600 meters the universe at the OMEGA home watch unveiled the Rio Olympics, Phelps and Close? Have achieved impressive results. The "flying fish" Michael? Phelps again gains a silver hardware, with a total of 23 gold medals, 28 Olympic medal personal occupation medal record created incredible pool of history. After entering the scene, Phelps and the presence of the guests together to review their Rio Olympic Games time. "This is the best way to end my career. I think everything is finally settled, Rio is my last Olympic Games, where I have completed my last few games. I have been hovering in my mind these thoughts, feeling very sad." Michael? Phelps (Michael Phelps) as OMEGA home to autograph the harvest in the Olympic Games in the Olympic silver medal in two? Close also shared his feelings for Phelps retired, and talked about his hopes for the future: "Michael has been constantly inspired me, so it is difficult for me imagine he will be retiring. I have politely asked if he could hold out for one or two years, but now he really want to go swimming, I feel I have a lot to try to close to the target, such as a world record. I still have a lot of potential is not fully demonstrated to the world." Chad Le (Chad Le Clos) for the OMEGA home to give the signature photo and the other one night.相关的主题文章: