Ming Dynasty Tombs in the Ming Dynasty, the appearance of Palace of the Earth for technical reasons running man 20130908

Ming Dynasty Tombs in the Ming did not show Palace of the Earth because of technical reasons will not explore the German mausoleum, full of traces of the time of the wall. Yesterday, the reporter visited Ming Dynasty Tombs of Ming Dynasty did not open and de Yong Ling ling. Yesterday, drowned in the trees and weeds among the. This version of photography Beijing News reporter in Wujiang Ming Dynasty Tombs, in addition to Changling, Dingling, Zhao Ling became open spots and other tombs has not open to the public. This year is the 60 anniversary of Dingling excavation, yesterday, the Beijing News reporter came to Ming Dynasty Tombs in Germany and Yongling mausoleum, visit these unexplored, did not open. "Zhenrong". The two tombs "reputation" are high, Ming Yong Ling is the second largest Ming Dynasty Tombs mausoleum; and de Ling is ill fated, as the last Ming Dynasty mausoleum construction, at the start of the shortage of funds, after the building was burned down after entering the Qing, to restore the original appearance of re repair. Ming Dynasty Tombs experts and relevant staff said, Ming Dynasty Tombs, no excavation of the tomb are not found, because of technical reasons, the tomb excavation means that the damage will only be protected by the original. If there are leaks and other threat to the heritage body, will carry out repairs. [a] finally de Ling ming tombs built fee "rigged" Ming Deling is the fifteenth Ming emperor Xizong Zhu from the school and queen Zhang’s burial tomb, located in the domain of Tan Yu Ling mausoleum Shou Xi lu. According to the official website of Ming Dynasty Tombs of the Ming Dynasty, Ming Xi Zong Zhu from the school to the emperor is a dote. During his reign, the peasant uprising has some place, Jin (Qing) also took Liaoyang, Shenyang, on Jinzhou, but he is not in my heart, but the whole idea is used in creating fun and games, to attend to North korea. The court of his favorite two people, one is his nurse to the guests, the other is a silijian Bing pen eunuch Wei Zhongxian. The two men had become spoiled, prominent figures around the court and events. Apocalypse five years (1625) in May 18th, and two Xizong Chamberlain in the boat capsized the boat, three people fall into the water. Let this a surprise, the disease in the body. Apocalypse seven years (1627), let the condition worsen due to repeated treatment failed died, 23 years old, the burial tomb of germany. This is the last of the construction of the mausoleum of Ming dynasty. Yesterday, the bus ride into the de Ling village, an overgrown ground, de Ling greets, but Ling palace, Ming House, Baocheng are intact. According to reports, Germany mausoleum built, let Zhu from the school after the death of emperor of Ming Dynasty, just the throne, facing a serious political and economic crisis, the construction of the mausoleum of the money is also stretched. "Originally built tombs need two hundred to three million and two, when the court has only allocated 50 taels of silver." The Ming Dynasty Mausoleum of the Ming Dynasty Tombs Association Hu Hansheng said, not part is through a variety of ways to hard together. For example, let the Secretary to donate salary, people can spend money, do people pay to go to school can not make mistakes if the Imperial College School, officials can donate money reinstated, finally lobbied for the construction of the mausoleum of money. "Although the funds are tight, but its size and other tombs are also quite. However, when the foundation may not fixed, the construction is not solid, Bao Cheng from the Qing Dynasty began to sink." Hu Hansheng introduction. 2002 to 20相关的主题文章: