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Ming jewelry gamble real estate in Suzhou good housing accumulation Sina App: fear of thunder live on-line blogger to tutor the purchase of new shares: the stock market is the most simple way to pick up the money original title: Suzhou good hiding Lei Ming jewelry gamble in the performance of the early weak trend, Ming jewelry began planning to create a new profit growth point, seems to be affected by the market is too hot, Ming jewelry end of the real estate industry to move the heart, to be heavily denounced 2 billion 400 million yuan of wholly owned real estate business platform of Suzhou good house. However, Ming jewelry "crossover" overweight is questionable, there is obviously inconsistent operating data before and after the Suzhou good house two times of disclosure, the total net profit of 2 billion 550 million yuan, while Suzhou made a good house for the next four years will eventually realize the promise, market has been widely questioned. And then hit 2 billion 400 million gamble in Suzhou good housing in 3 months after the suspension, the restructuring program ming jewelry was eventually thrown out to investors by surprise. Because the reorganization of the company and the traditional jewelry business does not have much to do with the current hottest real estate industry. The transaction plan shows, Ming jewelry intends to buy a good house in Suzhou in 75% to the issuance of shares and cash equity trading at a price of 2 billion 400 million yuan. At the same time, Ming jewelry will be through the non-public offering of shares to raise matching funds not more than 760 million yuan, after deducting the intermediary fees and related costs of issuance, will be used to pay cash for the transaction price. It is understood that the Suzhou house is a real estate business platform, mainly through the online platform and offline marketing channel combination (O2O) method, to provide real estate trading platform service for real estate developers, real estate agents, second-hand housing buyers and sellers. And on the official website of the good house, the company defines itself as the first domestic O2O real estate universal pin platform". In fact, Ming jewelry and Suzhou good house is not the first time soon. As early as last December 25th, Ming jewelry with a price of 700 million yuan scored a 25% stake in Suzhou good house. This calculation, Suzhou 100% equity interest in the house was valued at about $2 billion 800 million. In this transaction, the 100% equity valuation of Suzhou good house has become a $3 billion 250 million, equivalent to just six months time, the valuation of the good house in Suzhou has increased by $450 million. In a sense, the continuous "nouveau riche" Ming jewelry shot, directly created Suzhou good housing valuation miracle. Statistics show that Suzhou house was founded in February 3, 2012, the registered capital of only 1 million yuan, but after several years of development, because of the "nouveau riche" Ming jewelry Jiepan, Suzhou good housing valuations soared, as of June 30th this year, Suzhou good house all equity value using the income method pre evaluation of the valuation of 3 billion 250 million yuan, the estimated value was 570.15%. After a business data, however, is optimistic about the Suzhou Ming jewelry house was good for operating data before and after the disclosure of the inconsistency has been questioned by the market. In December 28th last year, Ming jewelry has released a "on the Suzhou City good house information technology Co., Ltd. shares and growth theory相关的主题文章: