Nanjing killed chased Ren Keming memorial service attack vendors have been arrested-sichen

Nanjing killed chased Ren Keming memorial service attack vendors has been arrested in southern News Network (reporter           Ma Jin) "to mourn our good comrades, comrade Ren Keming all the way, black and white hanging on the door wreath elegiac couplet; have been discharged from both sides of the door to the house…… Since September 24th, the Xuanwu District gold lock Village Street City Environmental Management Service Center set up killed chased Ren Keming’s mourning hall, and the public for your condolences. Yesterday morning, the municipal law enforcement corps crew tears came to the hall before the condolence, and condolences to the Ren Keming family. Ren Keming is the Xuanwu District lock Golden Village Street squadron deputy political instructor, in late September 21st the normal law enforcement inspection, Nanjing Forestry University in the northwest 2 near the door, being Jeeves fruit by unscrupulous traders Ge Moumou attack injury, after the rescue invalid died, only 45 years old. That Ren Keming was killed, his colleagues, urban management system players are very shocked and sad. In 1997 August, Ren Keming and I are entering the Xuanwu District Urban Management Department at the same time through open recruitment, just started training 15 days we live in a dormitory." In the condolence to municipal law enforcement corps Dong Zaihong told reporters, Ren Keming is very honest, very honest. In that year, the urban management team of undergraduate education is very few, and Ren Keming is a graduate of Nanjing Forestry University, a high level of education, pay attention to the ways and means of work and serious and responsible. Sanitation workers in the street Shi Deqing suojin Village 7 years of doing cleaning, she and Ren Keming are very familiar with. I usually clean in the street, he led the patrol, he saw every initiative and I say hello, the class also met love joke." Shi Deqing said, Ren Keming gave her the deepest impression is humble, respect others. "Clean with tap water, drink boiling water is to go to the street Squadron, as long as Ren Keming met in the water room, he let me kick." Shi Deqing said that such a good man said no, she could not say sorry. Reporters on the scene, in addition to the urban management system of the players in droves to pay, many people spontaneously went into the hall of condolence Ren Keming, many people be strangers to each other. I was informed of the news in the early morning of September 22nd, was shocked, immediately rushed to lock the village police station to understand the situation." Municipal law enforcement corps political commissar Zhao Guifei said, after the incident, Xuanwu District government, the Municipal Urban Management Bureau, the municipal law enforcement corps and other departments immediately set up a leading group dealing with the aftermath, and the first time of condolences to the families of Ren Keming. Zhao Guifei called on relevant departments to crack down on violent acts against law. In addition, according to the Nanjing Municipal People’s Procuratorate official website announced in September 28th, September 27th, the Xuanwu District People’s Procuratorate for examination and decision, in accordance with the law on suspicion of intentional injury (death) approved the arrest of the suspect Ge Xiaoyan. Currently, the case investigation is ongoing.相关的主题文章: