Nearly 40 brokerages began yesterday to test the network through a large probability of crossing the

Nearly 40 brokers yesterday began networking test Shenzhen Hong Kong November opening probability – Beijing, analysts said, the opening of the problem does not exist, only the details should be constantly running – reporter Su Shiyu debugging in the Shenzhen Stock Exchange recently released details of the Shenzhen Hong Kong through comments and clear timetable, September 12th Shenzhen market of Hong Kong stocks through business networking testing start, begin to accept testing and nearly 40 brokerage Hundsun cooperation, is expected to September 30th the end of the first round of connectivity test, October start business simulation test. Previously, the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on 9 September, the brokerage issued a notice that the Hongkong Clearing Corp will arrange a series of Shenzhen and Hong Kong through the exercise of market in October this year to November, participants can make settlement through the introduction to the Shenzhen Hong kong. It is reported that the market of Shenzhen and Hong Kong through the opening of the preparatory work has been brewing for a long time, in August 30th, China Commission officials and the media to communicate through the Shenzhen Hong Kong and macao. According to the field data of "Shenzhen Hong Kong through work" the general timetable display, Shenzhen Tong is expected to open 11 months late. In August 22nd, the Shenzhen joint China settlement to the Shenzhen branch of the securities company, including the market mechanism, as an important subject in the Shenzhen Hong Kong through service, issued the "notice" on the start of the Shenzhen Hong Kong through the relevant preparatory work, requirements of the securities companies should carefully develop business in Hong Kong stocks through the implementation plan and the plan, pay close attention to the Hong Kong stocks through the business and technology development and test, actively carry out organizational guarantee and personnel support work, set up a special working group, and do business in Hong Kong stocks through investor education and appropriate management work according to the requirements. In addition, the Shenzhen stock exchange market securities companies and other participants to complete technology development preparatory work before the end of September, to participate in the Shenzhen Stock Exchange and Chinese settlement of the Shenzhen branch of the relevant test requirements; the completion of the preparatory work to be opened in early November, the Shenzhen Hong Kong through business requirements. Cheng Wang research analyst Zhang Qingshan told the "Securities Daily" said in an interview with reporters, the Shenzhen Hong Kong through the opening will only as soon as possible without delay, so the possibility of a larger 11 months late. The difficulty of opening does not exist, but the core content is Shanghai and copy it again, details left constantly running debugging, such as what will be included in the Shenzhen stock through the subject. After all, the Shenzhen stock exchange board, small board and gem, the Shanghai Stock Exchange and only the motherboard of the situation is not quite the same. And on these details, only to see the policy arrangements. "At this point in time, the Shenzhen Hong Kong through the biggest impact is brought to the market confidence, the confidence comes from the liquidity, Hongkong intervention funds may enhance the trading volume of the market and strengthen market confidence. For Hong Kong stocks is also the same, Hong Kong stocks in addition to their own problems, the market is not active, Hong Kong stocks as a whole underestimate a long time, the valuation has not returned to normal levels, which is closely related to market activity. Mainland capital inflows may bring large investment opportunities to Hong Kong stocks." Zhang Qingshan told reporters. (Su Shiyu)相关的主题文章: