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Net exposure Baoding Rongda company took over Kawaashikaga Yumi "for" a? Beijing early morning of November 14th, a new army in the Baoding brigade micro-blog report to explain and release emergency operation of the club in the Baoding government for help, I hope the government can help contact the local enterprises to take over or sponsor the team, or the team in desperation can only move out of Baoding. Baoding Rong Group said in a note: in this present intention to take over the business are foreign enterprises, and then transfer the team name only. The key period at a time when the team signings and team building, Time will not wait for me. Under the emergency, the emergency plan started to urge the government, Rongda company has come up with the greatest sincerity to find ways to put the team in Baoding, put forward relevant suggestions: 1, the principal leaders of the municipal government to direct attention, the government directly or indirectly funding for the team (direct government shares or state-owned enterprises, investment shares, sponsorship and so on). Rongda football team was renamed the Baoding football team, which is consistent with the "reform program" to the spirit of enterprise. 2, the government to help local enterprises to take over or sponsor the team. 3. All other reasonable alternatives. Prior to this, a freshman in Dalian beyond the business has also been the direction of the whole society to seek sponsorship, if the delay is not sponsored, the team is likely to dismiss the farewell. At present Chinese football burn intensified, even a spends in billions of dollars, according to statistics team invested 50 million in a row only second countdown. How to "fill in" Chuanzu? The morning of November 4th, the Football Association issued a "notice on the Chinese B club Sichuan won 2017 League lomphat qualification" (hereinafter referred to as the "notice"). The "Circular" said, in the home court in accordance with the relevant requirements and after China access site inspection team inspected after the Football Association, the Sichuan team won the next season in the league and the qualification for next season in the League for qualifications according to the relevant provisions. Coach Vito Bundith has the class "notice" also mentioned the problem of Sichuan’s home court this season, the Sichuan team used the "Chinese home court did not reach the Football Association League stadium rules", the club must be replaced or rectification home court in December 31st this year. At the end of the 2016 season, due to the stadium is not in line with the standard, the Sichuan team will play against the Lijiang Flying Tigers turn to the Chengdu Sports Center (hereinafter referred to as adult). But the Sichuan team flying tiger in adult penalty against Lijiang, and in the battle for third place to Jiangxi Liansheng, only won the League fourth. After chongjia defeat, Sichuan team immediately started to prepare for the new season, and the first playmaker Chen Tao successfully renewed for three years, and had invited the national football team captain, the old Chuanzu banner of Ma Mingyu served as general manager, responsible for the club, team building and management. The B team for kicked, such cases have appeared: at the beginning of 2015, because the Shenyang Football Association on the China Ze dissolution, notice of Guizhou Zhicheng to B runner up 2014 season in the identity for a. However, due to the Sichuan team this year only to get in the B League fourth, therefore, even if the team to solve the problem for home court get qualification, they will in the season three ball.相关的主题文章: