NetEase Lofter team disbanded, can not get out of the small and beautiful siege-g227

NetEase LOFTER team disbanded, go out of the small and beautiful city NetEase LOFTER reported this morning, the NetEase LOFTER products R & D team officially disbanded, the NetEase insiders have confirmed that the news is true to 36 krypton. We speculate that NetEase let go of LOFTER after all not open money word. LOFTER is a picture of social networking applications NetEase launched in 2011, the first study object is the light blog originator tumblr. All along, LOFTER gives people the impression that a product is very aesthetic, from UI to UGC content to photography, designer groups based seed users laid the tone of the LOFTER community. However, the product, the United States and not enough light. LOFTER on the line in the first three years there is no profit behavior, and the subsequent business to test the water has little effect. In fact, it is no wonder that LOFTER, literary temperament products do not make money seems to be the common industry. The most typical is the watercress, in recent years, tossing to and fro several commercial projects, such as movie tickets, bazaar and things are not much improvement (now watercress focus on film and television, but also do not see results). But even the benchmarking company Tumblr is also facing commercial difficulties, Tumblr was reported after being acquired by YAHOO sales target of $100 million next year, but never reached. There are two reasons for the disease. Is a team attribute decision, founder of this kind of product is often in the product design and the logic structure, but the lack of experience in the commercial level; even some people will have the obsession of pure products, so that the liquidation strategy is indecisive. On the other hand, their users tend to be attracted by the unique and beautiful temperament are over, so once the products become some "not good" will lead to the old user revolt. In fact, compared to other products, in order to break the small and beautiful LOFTER initiatives can be said to be very bold. In February this year, we reported that LOFTER in the 5 version of the replacement of the entire UI+LOGO. Although this was a lot of old users to protest, but LOFTER’s goal is clear: to cater to the younger age of active users, and train them to become the main force to support the development of LOFTER. Even, LOFTER began to build the two dimensional content, to know if the first is not a SLR camera picture is almost impossible to recommend LOFTER official website. Social or community products are always looking for new users in the future with a stronger hematopoietic capacity, LOFTER team apparently think so. LOFTER product manager saga had 36 Kr said: "social or partial younger things, the older users not necessarily in online social networking. On the other hand, 95 more spending power, the parents of the economy is very good, but also very willing to spend money for their own things. Therefore, it is possible to do it after 95, 80 now there is no such state." 5 after the launch of the commercialization of LOFTER tilt is also growing. In May this year, LOF.相关的主题文章: