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The impact of new network about cars will be a driver drops half China said little effect about the political impact on the vehicle network platform is not a vehicle driver drops reduce income is generally half – reporter Yang Meng with November 1st approaching, the network about the new car will be implemented. According to the "Securities Daily" reporter, the imminent implementation of the "online booking taxi management service management procedures", the taxi administrative and public security departments have the right to obtain access to management according to law under the jurisdiction of registration, operation and transaction related information about the car company’s intranet platform. It is understood that the proof net about car companies need to have Internet information platform and data exchange and processing capacity, applicant for transportation, communications, public security, taxation, and other relevant supervision departments in accordance with the network information retrieval query related data information network, database access, server settings in Chinese mainland situation proof materials shall establish and implement a network security management system and safety protection measures. There are about the car network platform official said, the company and the Ministry of transportation data are mainly divided into two parts: static and dynamic. Static data including the registration information, the driver of the vehicle identity information and local pricing system; dynamic data including about car orders, involving vehicles operating mileage and long, order fulfillment, and passengers for the evaluation, reflecting the overall operation and the capacity of the. So, since October have been published around the network about the new deal or car comments since then, what about the impact on the network geometry? Recently, the Securities Daily reporters visited the network about the vehicle group, with the identity of the passengers and multi platform network about the driver and the car driver to conduct in-depth communication, in order to understand the trend of the industry. Drops of platform of vehicle reduce driver general revenue plunged by half in October 26th, 9 in the morning when the reporter through the platform of the car drops of a single project, did not take long to have a car Passat driver grab this one, the car at the agreed place, the reporter to the identity of passengers and the driver began to exchange. The driver told reporters that he would probably have done more than a year of net about car drivers, in November 1st the imminent implementation of the network about the new car, the driver thought it is difficult to implement, "Regulations on Beijing Beijing card, limit is too strict, a car (15 drops) which has a good compliance the". In addition, the driver with a finger on the road vehicles said: "if the implementation of the network about the new car true, then these cars are on the road to do network about cars, because the horsepower, wheelbase Passat are not enough, this is not a problem, can continue to do, but if required it must be Beijing or not." According to the driver said, before he is open drops fast, and later changed the Passat before starting the car drops away, "the Passat and loan, so do one day is a day, if you really can’t do that we have no way, the driver said. At the same time, he said that the idea of the platform in the number of registered drivers are not a few, however, about the new car network is only one hand, mainly on the相关的主题文章: