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Home-Securtiy A money back warranty for our Intruder Shield home security alarm if you are burgled when it is switched on and operating correctly. "Every other Australian house alarm supplier sells you the unit, but if you get burgled while it is switched on, that’s your problem." Says Walter Glaser, marketing manager of Intruder Shield, claimed to be the most effective home security system in Australia. "We are so confident that you will not be burgled if you have our barking dog Intruder Shield home security system correctly installed and operating, that we offer to give your money back in full if you are burgled while our Intruder Shield burglar alarm is correctly operating, within five years of purchase. All you have to do is send us a copy of the police report showing that the Intruder Shield security system was switched on operating correctly, and you get a refund cheque in the mail by return. Of course, we would not make this offer if we were not totally convinced that our Intruder Shield home alarm would stop burglars in their tracks before they actually break in. Can you come up with one other single house alarm, whether it is an alarm wireless system, or any other kind of burglar alarm, where the supplier offers such a money back guarantee on a home alarm system? I doubt if you will find one anywhere in Australia!" The reason why this small but very reliable home security alarms supplier can make this offer is that, after three years of sales of this Intruder Shield home security system, not a single burglar has been reported to breach this home alarms protection – – fantastic when you consider that the total price of this unit is only $250 and that it needs no professional installation. It just plugs into any Australian power point. Set this barking dog alarm to suit the conditions of your home or office, and your home is protected from burglars, who would be crazy to try and break into a house in which a fierce guard dog – – perhaps an Alsatian or a Rottweiler – – is waiting for them the minute they enter. Developed from wartime radar technology, the small, unobtrusive home alarm unit can be hidden inside the front door behind a pot plant, a framed photograph, or similar, and sends its radar beams right through the walls of your home, be they brick, glass, or even a precast concrete slab. And the Intruder Shield home alarm is especially designed for Australian conditions and carries a 12 months replacement guarantee if your unit breaks down within that time for reasons other than being placed, incorrectly, outdoors in the rain. If you would like to see how this incredibly effective home alarm works, and see videos of its operation as well as hearing the sounds of its various settings, please go to the Intruder Shield burglar alarm website and see just how effective a barking dog alarm like this can really be. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: