No way, there is always a kind of difficult to give up the ring handbag obsession!

No way, there is always a kind of difficult to give up the ring handbag obsession! Introduction: since Chloe Faye handbags hot in last year on the list, the ring elements with fire. In the recently concluded Paris fashion week 2017, Chloe also made a lot of new bags we tease the wallet, is still the main metal ring elements. Look at this: Chloe  2017 spring and summer series super sized metal ring Qiangjing values out of Buy, sister are not consciously hum: a round circle round, circle round the circle ~ you know, ring this element has many strong presence in Chloe. Chloe ring ring ring ring all kinds of handbags, anyway, have to ring. Not only Chloe, Givenchy spring 2017 show also appeared with ring elements: a large bag of visual Package ~ Givenchy spring 2017 show you love this "elegant skeletal" bag? Anyway, Buy sister with a circle of handbags always have the ability to give up the obsession, this bag is now just red ~ sister below to recommend a worthy of you to buy a round bag. Simon Miller Bonsai  official website: Price: Mini is about ¥ 2624; 3970; Mini Large ¥ Simon Miller strap is about ¥ 3300 Bonsai Simon Miller this handbag exquisite bucket bag is ring packs in the carry handle, design simple, highly recognizable. May be because men’s design background, from the beginning of last year involved in women’s clothing Simon Miller has maintained a minimalist design positioning. Buy sister love why it is exquisite but not artificial, it is very Chic. The most common is in the hands. Hand brown back of the most, Elmar students have one, the color is very positive, it is easy to put up clothes. Emma Watson the little bucket in the fashion circle mix but fast, since the launch of the spring and summer of 2016 was the brightest star bloggers like. Blogger ring material trendsetter also several points, in addition to silver metal and amber: material, very good taste. Amber can also handle bag with a shoulder strap, so want to shoulder or messenger OK~ but also shoulder a more expensive. Inside the bag with a shoulder strap back up effect is such: the shoulder effect without any barrier, dissection, daily put some small things like ~相关的主题文章: