Not suitable for children! Ten adult movies you may not have seen

Not suitable for children! Ten you may not have seen the adult animation film, the first thought might be the Japanese Studio Ghibli master Hayao Miyazaki, or Disney classic animation series, the content of lovely, sometimes singing and dancing, the film is an important material for children’s growth, but in fact there are many animation works and the audience of children is not set instead, through the heavy story, style, side effects, technology transfer and cruel war satire life… HypeSphere and other topics, sort out 10 "not suitable for children" adult animation works, take a look at: 10, "robot 9" by Tim Burton (Tim Burton) animation works are very likely is "not suitable for children", especially when you see "Oyster Boy" knew the melancholy death Tim’s unique black humor world view, "9" robot story set in an end, the world’s only machines and puppets, no human, but we are looking at an onlooker future world might be reduced ending, unable to save us through these dolls as early as the treasure of the world…. 9, the "Simpson family movie" (The Simpsons Movie) has become a special cultural Simpson album is never for children to see the cartoon, many political satire and ridicule culture are the reasons for this series of classic, 2007 big screen works still use an absurd story to the end highlight the American culture and the traditional family absurd and ignorant. 8, "American Rockets: World Police" (Team America:World Police) first revealed that the list does not have the South Park, but the "American Rockets: Creator Cui Parke as a director of the world" from the South Park (Trey Parker), although the United States "Rockets: World Police" not is animation, but the strange puppet figures as shooting style, and not let the line modified false figures large and exposed in the camera, enough is dumbfounded, of course for the American film, the state machine, the traditional Hollywood film set and even the international situation of a satire, is absolutely South Park fans can not miss the movie! 7, "grave of the fireflies" even though this animation when most people have seen, but also because too realistic absolutely also resulted in some people of the heart, the film directed by Takahata Studio Ghibli, adapted from the Japanese novelist nosaka Zhao such as semi autobiographical works, showing the influence of the two bloody the Japanese caused world war. 6, "waltz with Bashir" (Waltz With Bashir) is a realistic description of the 1982 Lebanon refugee camp in Beirut massacre, through the animation showing the brutality of war and people easily forgotten history, this year in the Cannes Film Festival, and was also nominated for a best foreign language Oscar, is a serious issue as the main story animation masterpiece. 5]相关的主题文章: