On Jin Sheng Li the price of gold fell 1320 not surprisingly, top and bottom 1322 conversion to empt mkdv-02

On Jin Sheng Li: the price of gold fell 1320 not surprisingly, top and bottom to convert 1322 empty Sina fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! In fact, the person who is good to you, perhaps a lifetime can not meet a few, and I, but it is one of the. Can not forget the memories, miss, when it is passing. The market is always in the hands of people who can understand, profit always belongs to the direction of the people, 1322 to determine the number of rebound, and the 1330 consecutive empty layout of the two. 1330 long two died, aimed at the ambush position on Monday, gold prices rebound under pressure in the 1330 position, on a 1322 will rebound in the article is recognized in doubt, fell near 1320 after the U.S. $10 ushered in a rebound, whether it is empty or the Eurasian plate 1330 disc have undoubtedly become the sniper the ambush point. However, the overnight gold in early trading after the break 1330, but still come up with different ideas and judgments, 1332 decisive that rely on the 5 day moving average pressure sniper empty, finally after repeated toss, U.S. or fall 1320, and expected the same is in single agree without prior without previous consultation, empty top layout gains 1330 of the money. The daily average of hook head down, the rebound is luring more daily, is a very obvious induced trend, after the price of gold on Tuesday after a rebound test pressure, the 5 day moving average of 1332, forming a persistent decline in the firm, which is the most typical application of high frequency multiplication trend in average price below, the rebound test will give a lot of false people cannot read, think the price exceeded 1330 to rose, expecting to do a drop for Monday night missed more than 1322 to complete the desire, result is again face movement…… This time, the early rising is don’t worry, mainly to see the strength of the plate, plate of weakness, everything will be white, only the plate to go strong, then back will continue, the afternoon market was very weak, especially when the 2-4 point of the basic no signs of breaking, slow down fall fall plate rose 1326 points, when the position fell, the rest of the rebound will be induced, early 1330-32 empty night in speech class directly given 1327 are empty, according to this formula to the game. The interest rate is expected to rise, the Fed ignored bad data at the beginning of September, due to the poor performance of non farm employment data, set off a round of interest rate hike caused by cooling and buying hedge in prices soaring refresh highs of 1352, 1375, 1367 from the trend line in this position, until no new breakthroughs in hawks and pigeon pie constantly fighting among the last quarter of the year to raise interest rates on the conjecture constantly, this may become the catch for lovers only rhetoric. These days, the performance of gold weak shocks, midway will rebound, but may not be reversed, Li Sheng on Monday to 1322 on the judgment相关的主题文章: