One hundred years of Chongqing winchance liangpingyou first ideas to create amazing people and Sohu zuczug

One hundred years of Chongqing winchance liangpingyou first ideas to create amazing people eating grapefruit – Sohu is a winter seasonal fruits, too common, and pummelo in Chongqing and even national has been very famous, delicious to eat, but no one would have to set new and rare liangpingyou relationship. In November 8, 2016, in Chongqing, a so-called "greater than the apple conference conference held, released the same day a hundred years liangpingyou participated in the conference, let people know liangpingyou" novel "and" rare". One hundred years of network Master rare pummelo released in November 8th, the relevant departments of agriculture Liangping County People’s government and the Liangping County Commission, Liangping County supply and marketing cooperatives, gave a press conference in Chongqing, at the launch of the support from the key Liangping County, Liangping County by the local agricultural enterprises in Chongqing city forestry development limited company to build the surging "one hundred years of liangpingyou". Liang Pingyou everyone is familiar with the Chongqing local specialty, what originally had no differences, but the guests were invited to participate in the conference, including dozens of Chongqing local network Master, or have a strong interest in the release of hundreds of years of liangpingyou. The meeting of Liangping County leaders, as well as the person in charge of agriculture and forestry of "one hundred years of surging pummelo" for the promotion and introduction, and launched a new brand and create liangpingyou surging Diao master pomelo". The conference focuses on the hundred years of liangpingyou. The reporter learned that, in the core region of liangpingyou Longtan Village, has 5742 tree planting survival in the late Qing Dynasty, age 100 years old of citrusgrandis. High quality trees produce liangpingyou, whether it is a lot of taste and nutritional value than ordinary liangpingyou good. At the same time as the core region, in pesticide residue monitoring standards, but also many times higher than the national standard. But because the number of rare, yield is not high, the former "gourmet Liang Ping pomelo" hard into the market, more consumption in Liang Ping area. A number of departments of the Liangping County effort with the support of agriculture and forestry has surging this piece of ancient teak will these hundred treasures build out, to the market, let more people enjoy the best taste. In addition to the old trees and make people feel rare, Liang Ping as the new brand "hundred years Liang Ping Diao master build pomelo pomelo" also makes people feel very interesting. The reporter understands, Diao Diao master drawn from Sizhuo, is a county magistrate in Fujian in the Qing Dynasty, the ancestral home in Liang Ping, he is back from Fujian to Liang Ping grapefruit trees, Liang Ping began planting grapefruit tree history. It can be said Diao Sizhuo is the ancestor of pummelo, and liangpingren both called Diao Sizhuo as Lord diao. "Diao master pomelo" packaging design from the very fun, not only into the wood, New Year paintings of Buddhist culture, Liang Shou Zhu and other non heritage culture, showing a young people love fashion and design sense and connotation and taste, let the scene Netizens feel strange, have to play Diao master the self timer. A person in charge of the square beam surface, a hundred years of Liangping grapefruit can now buy in Taobao, Jingdong, WeChat mall and other electronic business channels, because of the century pomelo production is limited, also withdrew from the 50 and 20 years, two years of grapefruit, people interested can taste fresh grapefruit farmers want to engage in creative the shot, stunning, leadership also point praise.相关的主题文章: