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Internet-and-Business-Online Internet Marketing is an ever-growing, ever evolving genre which generates more and more money each year. With this rise in popularity and exposure, more and more people are driven to enter the internet marketing business and grab themselves a piece of the pie. Unfortunately, these make perfect conditions for Fraudsters to perform various elaborate internet marketing scams. So many hard working, honest People are duped into giving away their money and Personal details for no clear reason. The only way to avoid these internet marketing scams is to realize there are no shortcuts to success- If you really want to succeed, you must brace yourself for a long and tedious journey. I will now list some of the more popular internet marketing scams being utilized online currently, In order to help those who are not wise enough to stay away: 1. Sites directory/Search Engine submission services: These so called "submission service companies" promise to submit your site to hundreds of different site directories and search engines. Other than the fact this is somewhat of a grey area, generally considered as spamming, there is no real value in this service. People usually apply for this process in order to promote a newly built site up the Search Result ranking or get it indexed quickly. However, what they don’t know is that search engines don’t "like" these kind of submissions so your site will get a very poor ranking that way and will be indexed after a fairly long time. Google’s algorithm recognizes Site Directories and realizes these links doesn’t indicate anything regarding the relevancy or quality of your site. A much faster way to index your site is by back-linking, if you acquire some links from good, relevant authority sites your website will be indexed within a few days. Furthermore, many of these online marketing scams promise to "submit your site to the directories every X weeks/months"- There is absolutely no value in doing that- Once your site is indexed you don’t need to "remind" the search engines it exists. Even worse, your site might get banned or slapped further down the ranking on the count of spamming. Also, those companies who promise to submit your website to "thousands of web directories" aren’t lying, they will do just that- the problem is there are an endless amount of those directories and they hold absolutely no SEO value whatsoever. 2. Get 1# ranking on Google: I have seen many so called "SEO experts" promise this to their customers, but you better read the fine print! There is absolutely no possible way to guarantee such a thing- some of the keywords are so competitive you will have to spend ridiculous amounts of money just to stay on the first page, and you can only dream of reaching #1… To sum this online marketing scam- If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is… 3. Get Rich Quick Scams: Just a few words on these ones, as I regard this as obvious and self explanatory. There is no such thing as an effective Get rich quick system out there! These online marketing scammers abuse people’s dreams of fast easy money to rob them of their last pennies. Think of it, if you knew a secret way to make thousands of dollars each day, would really share this priceless information with anyone but your close family and friends? ‘Nuff said… To conclude, I sincerely hope this article has proven useful and you will be more alert and think twice before giving away your money or personal details to anyone online. Regardless, I wish you all the best of luck with your efforts to become Internet marketers. Copyright (c) 2009 Yoav Reuveni About the Author: 相关的主题文章: