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Other rival Qualcomm acquired from NXP almost no suspense Phoenix Technology News Beijing on October 7th news, according to foreign media reports, citing informed sources, at present only a company in Holland and Qualcomm chip manufacturers NXP launched merger negotiations, but negotiations are made positive progress, the two companies at a fair price is expected to reach a final merger agreement. Earlier reports said, including Qualcomm, including a number of chip manufacturers have expressed interest in the acquisition of NXP, for this reason, NXP hired investment bank QatalystPartners as an adviser to deal with M & a transactions. In addition to Qualcomm, Annwa Technology (AvagoTechnologies), Intel and Samsung may also participate in the bid. Informed sources said that the current Qualcomm and NXP two companies less than 10% of the valuation gap. One insider said, Qualcomm is considering 75% cash and 25% shares to acquire NXP, but NXP willing to all cash transactions. Informed sources also said that the acquisition of Qualcomm Corp and negotiate with the intention of selecting NXP NXP launches, are still in the early stages. NXP hopes to sell the price of $120 per share, but Qualcomm give the target purchase price of nearly $110. But the two sides are narrowing their differences, is expected to reach a final agreement. On Wednesday, the New York stock market, NXP per share to $102.50, a market capitalization of about $35 billion. Other rivals have withdrawn from the inventory of semiconductor manufacturing industry, and even have the ability to buy the few manufacturers nxp. To be included in the "Philadelphia Stock Exchange Index (thePhiladelphia Stock Exchange Semiconductor semiconductor Index)" chip manufacturers, only 7 companies on the market value of more than. Two of them were completely different and NXP chip industry, the other two – Intel and Broadcom Corp, is still digesting previously record deal. Among the rest of the company, Qualcomm holds the highest cash, reaching $31 billion. Informed sources said that Intel and TI in the transaction conducted an internal assessment, decided to abandon the acquisition. Qualcomm, Intel, TI and NXP company declined to comment on the report. The current market value of about $98 billion acquisition of Qualcomm Corp is considering NXP, abandoned at the same time the other four acquisitions, two sources said. Study on the potential acquisition targets high for at least 6 months, according to people familiar with the matter, in high opinion, can not only help to consolidate its acquisition of NXP chip market position, also conducive to appease shareholders: shareholders of the Qualcomm Corp to the world’s largest mobile phone chip business will be the money into the stock market, so as to create more revenue. If Qualcomm acquired NXP agreement, which will become the field of science and technology since the beginning of this year’s biggest mergers and acquisitions. (compile if water)相关的主题文章: