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Over 80% of the elderly will travel strong society people.com.cn original title: over 80% of the elderly will travel strong newspaper news (reporter Pan Fuda) "seniors" army is a travel agency’s emerging tourist crowd attention. With the way tourism yesterday released the "Beijing elderly tourism consumer behavior research report 2016", the tourism consumer behavior questionnaire and depth interview of 45 years in Beijing in the elderly were carried out based on system analysis. The "report" survey data show that 84.5% of the elderly people are willing to travel, love and travel peak, expressly unwilling to travel accounted for only 5.8%. Nearly half of the elderly prefer sightseeing tour, accounted for 45.5%, followed by leisure travel, accounted for 35.5%, sightseeing and leisure resort is the main purpose of the elderly travel. Traditional travel agency stores and WeChat circle of friends is the main channel for the elderly to get travel information. In the holiday, the elderly prefer to travel in the Travel Newspaper Group, accounting for 56.1%. In the choice of travel agency, the travel agency’s reputation by the elderly welcome, accounted for 34.3%. Elderly people have money and leisure, travel expenses, 69% of the elderly to choose their own commitment, only borne by the children of 15.5%, a single trip spending more than $5000 ratio of 39.4%. In the choice of travel partners, 36.3% of middle-aged and elderly tourists choose to travel together with their spouses, the proportion of children traveling together with only about 12.97%. The "report" also sorted out the existing in the tourism consumption in the elderly at present several pain points, respectively, the guide service level, uneven schedule is not suitable for the elderly population, the elderly group did not consider the accommodation meals and shopping needs at their own expense items too much, the price and quality is not equal, for the elderly travel more restrictions. (Zhang Yu, Li Jing: commissioning editor)相关的主题文章: