Over the past 70 years, the biggest super moon tonight appeared missed waiting for another 18 years tencent upd

The biggest "nearly 70 years of super moon appeared tonight to miss another 18 years – Beijing, Beijing, November 14 Xinhua comprehensive report, on the evening of 14, the earth will usher in the" super moon ", this is the 1948 full moon closest to the earth again. NASA (NASA) said, if missed this time, it may wait until 2034 to see the moon so close to earth. "Super moon" is a common phenomenon in astronomy, astronomy on the exact title as "near the synodic month". It refers to the new moon or full moon, the distance between the moon and the earth closer than usual. Local time on November 13, 2016, the world is now the largest super moon landscape since 1948. Super moon is full (or new) near lunar month with near point. The super moon landscape in London, uk. Some experts pointed out that the super moon looks bigger than usual 14%, brightness will increase by about 30%. In September 28th this year, there have been super moon phenomenon, and in December 14th, there is also a chance to observe the super moon. However, this time, the moon is closest to the earth, and will be the most spectacular. Scientists predict that this full moon will appear in Greenwich standard time at 13:52 on November 14th, that is, Beijing time 21:52.相关的主题文章: