Pat Parelli Horse Training Method-segotep

Pets The Pat Parelli horse training method does not require a lot of equipment. In fact, a wand and a rope are all that is needed. The training session has to begin with the trainer placing his horse on a lead. Then, he must rub his hand on the sensitive parts of his horse such as its shoulder and its ears. But when the horse starts to evade, the trainer has to stop moving his hands. He must also keep his horse in a circle and let it walk until it gets tired. And once his horse halts, he must take away his hand and reward his horse for acting well. After some time, the horse will realize that its trainer is not someone to be terrified of. It will also realize that he is not forcing it to do a certain move. The trainer simply provides the horse with options of either standing .fortably still and accepting his touches, or struggling to avoid being touched. Then, when the horse stops behaving unfavorably, its trainer may move toward the next process of Pat Parelli horse training. This next process is actually similar to the first one, although a wand is used. However, before such wand is used on the horse, it must be scrutinized by the horse first. This is so the horse will not consider the wand as a threat. And once it has accepted the wand, the rope may then be introduced. This is basically the last process in the Pat Parelli horse training method. Actually, the same movements are done in this process but the trainer has to go at slower paces. He must move the rope above the legs, face, and ears of the horse; so that it will be ready to handle a saddle. No.heless, the trainer must be confident and calm throughout the whole training session to gain positive results. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: