Peach pear white Yang Mi Hawick Lau and Hong Tao Xu Zheng, the star’s marriage are open now

Peach pear white: Yang Mi Hawick Lau and Hong Tao Xu Zheng, the star’s marriage are open: peach pear white: media columnist Ge Yiran, the original entertainment media, is committed to the attitude of entertainment. Public number: geyiran666. The Shu Ge Yiran Elaine       map, from the network of American election, but Trump was a China male artist to the second hot search, Hawick Lau. Hawick Lau and Yang Mi divorce menstrual post, we are tired of writing, always catch the wind catch shadow no hammer, but yesterday, Zhuo Wei gave up dirt. First, through the all star detective micro-blog, Hawick Lau suspected derailed the release of the video of Wang Ou, pointed out that two people in the same room at night to stay for 4 hours. At 7 in the evening, Wang Ou dressed in pink down jacket, accompanied by the assistant, back to the hotel room. After more than an hour, Hawick Lau also appeared in the door of Wang Ou’s room. 4 hours later, around midnight, Hawick Lau left Wang Ou’s room just before he left. Eat melon people said not calm, and two people in the end what to do?. Hawick Lau’s response is: two people in the script. Staff explained: because the script may change every day, the crew will often be on the temporary adjustment of the script meeting, the two are in the script, the crew members are aware of the normal work." Wang Ou micro-blog response: can not play a good fun. Subsequently, all star detective broke second videos. The video is two days after 9:30 in the evening, after a group of people to finish the play is the first to return to their families, each looking for assistants. At 10:30, Hawick Lau went to Wang Ou’s room, and there was an assistant from Wang Ou. Close to midnight, Hawick Lau returned to the room with his assistant, and returned to his room in his own room, all alone in the middle of the night. Until three in the morning before leaving alone. Needing, after 12 midnight, and in the play??? This time users do not calm, but also began to deep eight, claiming that Wang Ou opened the door before wearing white pants, closing the door when wearing only black underwear". There are screenshots show that when Hawick Lau walked into the room, the house lights all bright; and when he left, leaving only the bathroom lights are still on the door in the room, when Wang Ou left. Moreover, the two suspects also wearing a couple loaded. Hawick Lau wore a coat in the video, and Wang Ou went through it on different occasions. For the two people of the storm, netizens comments: "God is killing Ma Rong derailed, sent Baoqiang Wang to the real man…… Hawick Lau derailed and sent Yang Mi to a real man……" "Do you two look at the script and turn off the lights?" Previously, Wang Ou can play well, micro-blog has been deleted. Hawick Lau responded: everything is not true. By this time, everyone was watching Yang Mi. Video broke the same day, Yang Mi is participating in a fashion event, said he would believe her husband. The husband of a micro-blog and forwarding. "Thank you, I know you are very concerned about my feelings and situation, thank you very care, no matter what happens I believe hawick." Hawick Lau Corporation相关的主题文章: