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Entrepreneurialism People Helping People Inc., is a multilevel marketing business opportunity based on the tele.munications Industry, having additional products in the health (minerals) and green(energy) fields . The .pany is currently in pre-launch and due to have the official "launch" in North Carolina, on October 22, 2010. Despite the fact that this .pany has not even officially launched yet, People Helping People, has set records as to being the fastest growing network marketing .pany in history, enrolling 15,000 new members within the first few days of their pre-launch opening. So is this a legitimate business opportunity? ABSOLUTELY! People Helping People Inc. is a .pany that uses the direct sales industry to promote its products and services. Simply put, the .pany is using "word of mouth" advertising to promote its business, which then allows them to save literally MILLIONS of dollars in advertising. This will in turn result in the profits going back to the representatives, making it a great business opportunity! The leadership involved in this .pany has some of the top earners in network marketing history. The CEO, Derrick Rodgers, legends Betty Miles and Beth Hinson Phillips, are just to name a few. This caliber of leaders would ONLY be associated with a .pany that would support their reputations, earn their trust, and believe in its success. The main focus of "People Helping People", Inc., is just what its name implies. A .pany with the true belief and mindset that it is in fact, helping people. More than a .pany looking to make profit on its products, this .pany is truly focusing on helping those involved reaching financial stability and independence. The pay structure is designed for ALL involved to achieve this. The pay structure or ".pensation plan" is rather .plex and not your typical payout of multilevel marketing opportunities. The in.e potential for People Helping People Inc., is quite honestly, unlimited, with a .pensation plan consisting of eleven different ways of generating in.e. The .pensation structure is based on a 3X9 forced matrix, The term "matrix" is only used as an easier way to describe the pay structure of different levels of earnings. The term "forced" only means there are no empty spaces. The tele.munications division of PHP has two separate areas. The first being a cellular phone division referred to as "PeopleZ Wireless". This is focused on offering PRE-PAID unlimited cell phone service with no contracts, no credit checks, no taxes or fees. PeopleZwireless has .petitive pricing on cell phones, smart phones, and aircards. The second area is referred to as "PeopleZDigital", which offers unlimited home phone services with VOIP (voice over internet protocol) and video phones. The health division, referred to as "PeopleZHealth", offers natural minerals that are designed to align the PH levels in your body in such a way that the body has the ability to heal itself. This division is in the process of expanding with additional health products. Another division that is also in the process of expansion, offers go green products, such as "PowerGardZ", a device that is designed exclusively for People Helping People, this item can store energy and save 10% or more on electric bills. In conclusion, with the Products and services being offered, the outstanding .pensation plan, and the leadership involved, this is destined to be.e one of the largest tele.munications .panies ever, which in turn will be.e one of the best business opportunities there is. This is a .pany truly dedicated to People Helping People! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: