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People’s daily number of poor people lazy mentality: Shimoda Ruyamakura – Ningxia Channel – field (people’s sweat Valley Mancang Forum) recently, in Guangxi Tiandeng County Tuo Kan Xiang Dao Nian Cun Li Tun "tunnel museum visit, feeling a lot. In order to change "to not see the road" dilemma, here the three village Party branch successive stem, to lead the masses with a hammer drill rod chisel mountain digging, tenacious open. 24 years, a blunt more than 2 thousand steel, 32 thousand candles burned out, 336 torch, scrapped 462 rickshaws, finally opened up a 460 meter long tunnel, round out the dream. No shizan head, interested people first. At present, the poverty battle has fully started, is in need of this "rather than" hard work, "the spirit of people ranging from day to day" head. However, in some poor areas, some of the poor people, there are also "send off" lazy "mentality, rely on people to rely on relief" concept, "pay for" the utilitarian idea. For example, to build roads, water tanks, helping cadres sweat dry, some people squat look: "this is your thing, do not walk the plank"; after planting free training courses, but also to reach out subsidies: "miss my work, get compensation"…… These stubborn "poor" thought, why? Some are "poor" out of. For many years to help the poor, the rest of the poor, mostly in the old, less, side, mountain, library area, is a deep poverty, weak development capacity of the poor in poverty, trapped in the trapped". The way out of the mountains, the poor spend will, the poor, accustomed to, accustomed to bitter boil, causing Poguanposhuai spirit trapped muddle along. Some are raised out of. A place of the poverty alleviation as charity, to implement the spirit of the implementation of indicators, so simple and extensive flooding, although the "belly", or "brain". This makes some poor people have a blood transfusion to "engage in production is not positive, striving to be the most active in poverty. The policy changed, to support lazy poverty. Some are "cool" out. Sitting in the office of a small number of cadres head, blind command, the masses do not need to give the masses do not need. The smell of chicken sold, night wear duckbill tip ", not down to earth, ignoring the law," at the beginning of the herd, behind a beat two scattered". Hope that more and more disappointed, often and often, people naturally cool heart, gas leakage, no effort. "Will not stand, the world can not do anything." Spiritual poverty is more terrible and harder to break than material poverty. When the "and so on to the path dependence, when the" hopeless "has become the norm of life, when poor people become an outsider, a spectator, no amount of money, the good policy will be discounted. Even by the resource accumulation temporarily off the poor, can only temporarily tube, tube not long, even in "because of poor, but due to the lazy, lazy because of poor" vicious spiral. There is a proverb in Latin America: "self-reliance is better than the hand of God."." Poor people are the main body of getting rid of poverty. To get rid of poverty, not one-sided enthusiasm. Unrequited love is not Zilazichang "sing", is not I do you see the "one-man show")相关的主题文章: