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[method] won’t play these games let you have the Tencent GoPro GoPro Hero3 Su Yang digital product promotional video, since the extreme sports mix of extreme sports have been cut, but before the birth of GoPro, you can see all kinds of cool photos. For example, such as this. But as a GoPro user you may be confused, why others shoot above, and you can only shoot the following? This is because the artifact, you lack some auxiliary shooting or that is too little GoPro official accessories, greatly limits the fancy play extreme sports camera, but if these artifacts, take a set of photos of praise can be placed in the circle of friends, will be a lot of convenience. Here are some of the new things that I want to introduce to you, you can use a naked word to sum up, you may have thought of, yes, that is advertising. (you know I send an ad is a small risk of wood JJ 23333) Slope Black Instant base with the most simple words to sum up, this cargo is a universal GoPro base. In contrast, several official accessories are given, the most is to let you fixed on the helmet, hanging in the chest and wrist, or transferred to the three foot Slope Black Instan, is the base of advantage, you may want to put the camera fixed where fixed where and how you want to put the camera placed (the official 18) in addition to the nominal placed randomly posed outside, you can also put the attachment in the Lego assembly, more importantly, the base is really small. After 5 minutes of rapid rotation of the brain, I finally figured out the final number, the 19. Aetho Aeon 3 axis stabilizer to know a little bit about it, you should know that recently the two generation GoPro products are made anti shake, but for many people, the anti shake machine of the level is limited, not to say against extreme sports, general sports shooting, when you put the video introduction to the computer, can still see the high frequency vibration screen. So how to solve this problem, the three axis stabilizer came in handy. Aetho Aeon is a good three axis stabilizer, compared with the general metal stabilizer, due to the use of ABS injection molding body, relatively light. The stabilizer, the weight is very critical, such as one of my colleagues, after using DJI Osmo Mobile to shoot an apple stabilizer on the scene, told me that the hand was almost broken, so long time of the shooting, body weight can reduce the wrist pressure. In addition, Aetho Aeon is still two more likable, one is built in a coin size LCD screen, can be used as a viewfinder, real-time monitoring footage, auxiliary composition. The other one is equipped with GoPro external accessories, the base part of the handle lanyard can be disassembled anti dress is a GoPro standard external base, you can be fixed on the stabilizer.相关的主题文章: