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UnCategorized If you have an interest in social sciences, you will probably know that we show the world who we are by using our clothes as the tools to shape our individual identities. Whether you wear skirts or pants makes a difference, because it tells people a little bit about you without you having to say a word. Scarves, bags, shoes, jewelry and makeup all serve to .plete that image we want people to believe. And when you just happen to be of a bigger size than most people you know and need to buy plus size clothes, these tools be.e a constraint rather than a way to express yourself freely. Before people like Queen Latifah and Jennifer Hudson made it look good in Hollywood, weight was a very important issue, especially for women and teenagers. If you weren’t slim, chances were you wouldn’t be able to find clothes that fit, or clothes that looked good and were .fortable at the same time. Oversized women often resort to wearing clothes designed for men, simply because the existing sizes are bigger and the clothes are bulky enough to make them feel thinner than they really are. But the clothes are not attractive, and for most women this plays an important part in lowering their self-esteem. The existence of plus size clothes helps .bat the self-esteem issue, going to show women that they can wear clothes that fit .fortably and still look attractive. With more famous women speaking publicly about their weight issues, clothing manufacturers began to start new lines targeted at the plus size population. Some brands quickly became famous for their large sizes, such as Lane Bryant and the newer Torrid. Modeling agencies began to hire models for these lines, setting an example for women everywhere that it is acceptable to be overweight. From normal pants to bathing suits, every type of clothing is now covered, and overweight women no longer have to browse the men’s department in the stores to find new clothes. Due to the facts stated above and more, plus size clothes have now be.e a fixture in almost every big clothing store. You can even find those sizes amongst the designer clothes if you know where to look. No longer do women have to worry and stress about losing a large amount of weight before their graduation, wedding or otherwise so they can fit in their dress; the dress is now tailored to fit them, as it should be. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: