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Writing-and-Speaking Getting hold a flawless copy of your work sans any proofing error may sound a dream but is it really? Proofreading is not a rocket science that only experts can handle. Its you rather who will prove a better judge of what you have written though other people can also be a help if they are familiar with your writing and good at grammar basics and English as a whole. It can be a cumbersome task any day but you have got to do it anyhow if you dont want your readers to get a distorted message. With the following tricks, you can make proofing easier and fun-friendly: Revise Grammar and Spellings more than Once You cant ignore this one if you want to achieve an errorless out.e. There is also word grammar check that you can use if you think it will provide you with best results. There are still a few typos, grammar mistakes and spelling errors that an online tool might miss so do a final check you. Or get into a reciting mode but with you as a sole audience. Reading aloud will help you to ear your error which will turn your task easier. You can also take the help of a friend or someone who is reading it for the first time. Be Bitchy with Your Blunders Do not pause after each and every while when you are still working on the initial draft. There may be several drafts that could make way to trash bin before you are satisfied with what you have got as your final copy. Once you know that this is what that you exactly need for a post, get into what needs to be done to make to-be-posted to get a facelift. Does a word grammar check? Pore over each possibility to make your publish a perfect presentation; for example, what needs to be taken out although do not do away with the length if it is necessary to convey the meaning. Halt on every word to consider if it is really strong or necessary to add meaning to the work. Have some heart to be heartless about your own product so as to keep your work off mediocrity. Ponder over Preciseness Check your work from readers perspective. Accuracy is equally important when you are proofing your work. Get accurate with the contact information, data, dates and other such things. Skipping even a minor detail can mess with the whole purpose of publishing a work. For example, if you miss something in an address while directing your readers to a particular place, the total motto of writing it will go down the drain. Also be careful whether what you are writing is prone to misinterpretation. At the end of the day, its all about getting your reader get what youve written About the Author: 相关的主题文章: