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Q: what can be done to check natural abortion? This is the medicine to maternal Sohu Er fun public platform of my fans asking the doctor: Hello, I December 2015 Taiting brood time, no fetal bud fetal heart surgery, 70 days, 52 days of pregnancy, spontaneous abortion in November 2016, before the HCG value is low, not double, more than and 200 estradiol, progesterone more than and 20, medicine miscarriage no work, there have been blood. What should I do to check to be pregnant again? 3 weeks or more than 3 consecutive weeks before pregnancy, spontaneous abortion, called recurrent miscarriage (RSA). Recurrent abortion is a common complication of pregnancy. In addition to the current known etiology, there are still more than 40% of patients with unknown etiology. So many couples are stuck in a normal situation and are still in a miscarriage. Therefore, recurrent abortion patients anxiety, doubt, tangled mood can be imagined. In recent years, many scholars put forward 2 continuous natural abortion included recurrent abortion category, because of continuous 2 times after natural abortion, pregnancy abortion rate increased significantly, as to cause enough attention and intervention in order to avoid the recurrence of abortion. Therefore, there are two natural abortion should be systematic examination. A, examination and treatment of recurrent spontaneous abortion is mainly aimed at the causes, including the following aspects: 1, coagulation tests 2, 3 aspects of immune endocrine examination, check 4, thyroid function tests, 5 diabetes test 6, polycystic ovary syndrome, check 7 genetic material inspection, karyotype analysis in 8 couples karyotype 9, analysis of genital tract examination on embryo abortion: examination of the uterus malformation, check 10, infection factors of cervical function for the recurrent spontaneous abortion without mandatory inspection items, each hospital requirements are not the same. Each aspect of the inspection consists of several inspection items. Therefore, patients should be under the guidance of doctors to choose. Two, check the normal abortion will happen? The etiology of recurrent abortion is complex, in addition to the currently known etiology, there are still more than 40% of patients with unknown etiology. So many couples are stuck in the "normal, still abortion" situation. Three, how should treat recurrent abortion as mentioned before, because the etiology of recurrent spontaneous abortion complicated causes of refractory RSA, currently in the treatment of recurrent spontaneous abortion is mainly, including: Aiming at the cause of anticoagulation therapy, endocrine therapy, immune therapy, reproductive tract deformity correction, auxiliary reproductive technology. For patients with unknown causes, consideration should be given to preimplantation aneuploidy screening (PGS). Patients can be consulted, careful choice. Four, through artificial insemination or test tube can solve the problem? I think it can not be completely resolved. Conventional test tube baby – that is often said that the first generation or second generation test tube, can not solve the problem of spontaneous abortion, embryo abortion. Next Tuesday (November 22nd.相关的主题文章: