Quanzhou unified registration of real estate to achieve full coverage over 21 thousand exit safe mode

Quanzhou to achieve unified registration of immovable property issuing full coverage over 21 thousand Quanzhou evening news agency APP- Quanzhou November 2nd news (reporter correspondent Lin Mingshan Tu Xiaoyang) reporter from the City Land Resources Bureau learned that the day before, Quanzhou Taiwanese Investment Zone officially launched the unified registration of immovable property and awarded the region’s first real property right certificate, marking the Quanzhou the city unified registration of immovable property has been fully completed the landing, the Ministry of land and resources issued before the end of all cities and counties fully suspended the old card, issued a new card task ahead of time. Up to now, the city has issued 21726 certificates of immovable property, the issuance of real estate registration certificate of 42194 copies. The integration of real estate registration duties, the establishment of unified registration of immovable property system, is an important starting point for the State Council to promote institutional reform and change, to protect the legitimate rights of immovable property, improve the efficiency and level of governance, it is important to improve the socialist market economic system. The city attaches great importance to this work, the original scattered in the land resources, housing construction, marine fisheries, agriculture, forestry and other departments of the real estate registration responsibilities placed under the unified management of land and resources department. At the same time, in accordance with the "one center Bureau of archives" ideas, set up a real estate transaction registration archives of Quanzhou City real estate registration bureau, Quanzhou City real estate registration center and the city of Quanzhou, and the establishment of a unified real estate registration service hall and window in the administrative service center, clear the guidelines, the registration process and the application data directory information for enterprises and the masses to provide "one-stop" convenience services, get the praise of the community. >相关的主题文章: