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SEO Alright, so you want to know how to get your website to the top of Google. Well, you’re in luck. I will give you a quick checklist of what an effective SEO Canberra or SEO Bendigo company normally does to optimize their client’s website. Of course, each SEO company has their own methods to search engine optimization, but all in all, they will eventually do what is mentioned in this list. Enjoy! DIRECTORY LISTINGS First thing’s first, if you have a business website, sign up with as many listing directories as possible. Every SEO Canberra and SEO Bendigo internet company will do this, guaranteed. When you find these directories, fill out listing with your business information and a few keywords where you can. The "description" box is the best place to drop keywords. BLOG SITES Next, sign up to a few blog sites. So that you don’t burn yourself out, just sign up and write for to two blog sites. Always include your target keywords into the URL of your blog and be sure to consistently write on these blogs. Three new pieces of written content is ideal, but you can get away with just one. If you don’t have time to write or if writing is not your thing, you can always hire an SEO Canberra and SEO Bendigo to help you create quality written content. You can also sign up with guest blogging sites or find freelance writers online to fill your blog with content. GETTING BACKLINKS The easiest way to get backlinks is to join forums and blogging communities and participate by reading and answering questions. Be sure to leave comments and include the URL to your business’s websites. But, you want to make sure that these forums and blogging communities are "dofollow" sites. Do a Google search for "dofollow" to learn more about what they are an why you want to focus on these sites. Another way to get backlinks is to Guest blog. When you write articles for a guest blogging site, what you will do is write an article that will be posted on another individual’s/business’s website and that individual/business will write content that will be posted on your site. Each article will have a business’s URL and so, essentially, both parties trade backlinks. Guest blogging is a great way to get backlinks from all different parts of the nation, all different IP addresses and all different authors. That’s exactly what you need to appease the Googlebots. And, so there you have it. A quick list of things to do to begin your search engine optimization campaign. Good SEO Canberra and SEO Bendigo companies will have very similar strategies for optimizing their clients sites. Now, if you are new to SEO and you want to get your website more traffic and increase it’s search engine ranking, hiring an effective SEO Canberra or SEO Bendigo Company is a highly advisable. But, it never hurts to also do a little bit of SEO on your own as well. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: