Reminder the French Marseille League this season away winless 5 mad throw 9 balls

Reminder: the French Marseille League this season away winless 5 mad throw 9 ball [] French football forecast: Montpelier vs 2016-11-05 03:45 start time: Marseille injury summary: Montpelier injured C. Ningjia (forward), Silas (AMC), Remy (guard): the poor state of Schieri (Vanguard), Mounier (forward), Boudebou (Vanguard), Lasne M., Depp (Vanguard) Lanieli (guard) questionable: Gray hole (guard)? A goalkeeper Rual DeLong Pio Niel recovered, so the game is estimated to be on the bench. Marseille injured Diaby (midfielder) questionable: Gomi (forward), Sakai Hiroki (back), Njie (forward) (midfielder), Vainqueur, Sakai Hiroki and Vainqueur? Um Jie out too long time, the game is not expected to start the game. Pennsylvania?, M· Lopez and Sarkozy is estimated to be the first battle. Analysis of game ball: Montpelier? Montpelier last season ranked twelfth in the league, currently in Ligue 11 and only take 2 wins and ranked sixteenth, close to the relegation zone will inevitably make the team morale drop. The last round of League? With Kamala, M. S., Montpelier Sangsuonei goal away 2-2 forced the Ping Lyon, after last week’s 2-0 win over Laval’s method B team had an undefeated. The team’s home court? Always score than the road performance is better, but this season the League two victories are in the home court to get home court, handwheel beat Angus 1-0, the ninth round 3-2 victory over Caen home court. ? Montpelier last season because of defensive problems almost relegated this season, the current situation of the team’s defensive ability is almost zero, now the 11 round league team lost 25 balls, the league is the worst defensive team, visible their overall competitiveness is very limited. ? but before this season against teams of the competition are more miserable, Leon was defeated 5-1 by Saint Etienne beat 3-1, 2-6 lost to Monaco, the line in Montpelier against a good team’s does not stand the test, the game in the face of the French team winning the main powerhouse of marseille. Marseille? French veteran Marseille last season only got thirteenth scores, the new season at the team with 14 points in the League 11 war tenth. The last round of League?, Marseille home court against Bordeaux, the team are better in the possession, the number of shots, the shot is the number of data in the case did not seize the opportunity to draw the final opponent 0-0. ? compared with the previous six league performance, Marseille recent state is really good, has 6 consecutive games unbeaten, said thin dead camel than Ma, at least in the French Marseilles proved this point. Although the team did not now? What a big star, but at least the teams sometimes support their aura enough to win the game. Last week, the Chinese team played in the Carling Cup and beat 2-1 on the road相关的主题文章: