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Report the letter to the hands of the informants whistleblower sued the "relevant departments" – Beijing JuBaoXin haoxiangnizao industry into his own testimony? The informants "relevant departments" court legal network trainee reporter Xie Qing to the "relevant departments" complaint letters, not only to the hands of informants, and informants become his own "abuse of litigation, many departments reported to the authorities by bad influence" evidence. In each other has the withdrawal results after whistleblower Zhao Zhengjun and did not give up, but will all suspected to disclose information informants "relevant departments" to court. The informants claim to be more than 500 thousand and 3 months ago in June 21, 2016, "haoxiangnizao industry Limited by Share Ltd (hereinafter referred to as" miss you ")" v. whistleblower Zhao Zhengjun reputation infringement case in Gongyi city in Henan province people’s court, attracted national media attention. "I miss you" the court said the defendant (Zhao Zhengjun) since 2013, illegal on the grounds of "China red dates leading brand, national sales leader" and other suspected food labels, malicious complaints and reports to the industrial and commercial authorities repeated up to 23 times, involving up to 146 cases. In spite of the fact that the judicial authorities recognized the facts, and the fact that the plaintiff was in the leading position of the jujube industry, the defendant abused the lawsuit and repeated complaints or reports to the departments and organs. The complaint or report behavior has seriously affected the normal operation of the order, also caused consumers had a major misunderstanding of "miss you" brand, so the plaintiff social evaluation is severely reduced, caused extremely bad influence in the industry, a serious violation of the plaintiff’s right of reputation and business reputation. Based on this, the plaintiff made three claims: first, the defendant was ordered to immediately stop infringement of the plaintiff’s reputation behavior; two, an apology to the plaintiff and the local newspaper published a notice for the plaintiff to eliminate the impact of rehabilitation. Three, order the defendant to compensate the plaintiff credit losses and other economic losses totaling 500 thousand yuan. Because both sides do not agree to mediation, the case for sentencing. It is worth mentioning that, in the miss you issued a lot of evidence, there have been many accused Zhao Zhengjun wrote to the authorities in charge of the letter. Just a few days before the hearing, Zhao Zhengjun received the Xinzheng Municipal Supervision Bureau to send it to a "let the Xinzheng Municipal Bureau of quality supervision Li Jianyong, discipline problems book, this book shows: Mr. Zhao Zhengjun, you write to reflect some of the problems of the Xinzheng Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau, the unit has been verified and given me the relevant responsible personnel accordingly, will now deal with the written notice as follows: Lee Jian Yong, deputy director, deputy director of the Organization Department removed from office. Bai Shouli, director of food safety supervision and management department, administrative demerit. Zhang Jing, food safety supervision and management department staff, to give admonishing conversation handle. The initiative for the withdrawal of a defendant, Zhao Zhengjun said: very funny, ridiculous. He told reporters that he is all behavior according to the law, all his actions are carried out within the legal framework, and reported to the authorities is lawful and reasonable, can be said to be in the law enforcement departments and urge enterprises to improve.相关的主题文章: