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Runaway Singapore, Asia’s most beautiful garden city – Singapore Tourism Sohu is called the "lion city" originated from a legend. According to legend, the Sumatran Srivijaya kingdom Prince came to this island, saw a lion, he believes that is a good sign, decided to build this place, and gave the island named "La singapore". Singapura, the Sanskrit word for "new" is the meaning of the lions, and the "slope pull" means city. Singapore is a very livable city. Clean streets, fresh air, attractive delicacy, wonderful night life, she is worth your stop hurry, take a few days, wandering aimlessly in the garden city, enjoy a tropical life. It is a pleasant thing to visit in Singapore, humid climate, fresh air, clean streets trees everywhere. If love personally feel a city a bit, without the aid of transportation, in accordance with the airport provided tour map, the main attractions can easily walk downtown. Whether it’s the first time, a change or a trip, it’s a city worth exploring and savoring. Almost every walk, like walking in the garden, everywhere is beautiful. If you look down from a height, the whole city was covered with shade, flowers seasons, and was named the world’s most beautiful garden city. Sorted out some of the attractions of the city can not be missed, but also my favorite place. Together with the fish, to see Singapore, this beautiful charm of the town. Marina Bay is the core of Singapore’s urban areas, but also the financial, cultural and artistic center of singapore. There are modern avant-garde buildings, as well as the ancient British colonial buildings. Almost all the tourists arrived in Singapore after the first stop will be coming here to look at the Singapore landmark building, leaving a few classic a visit, will this a. [Merlion Park] Merlion’s Park Merlion’s park is located at the mouth of the Singapore River, the park is the smallest area of Singapore, and the famous Merlion located at the Singapore River, which stands on the cusp of the Merlion is the sign and symbol of singapore. It’s also a little behind the Merlion along with it, it will echo with the fish tail lion, a jet of water from the mouth. According to local people, a total of 4 Singapore Merlion park is a mother and a child, in the Sentosa Island of the father, in addition to a baby in Pattaya flower mountain. It is said that a prince of ancient Sumatra in the local saw a beast, like a lion, so he gave the island named Lion City, and the other is the Merlion Merlion Singapore represents the past was a fishing port. The Merlion and photographed together is undoubtedly the best proof to singapore. [Esplanade] the The Esplanade was built in 2002, strange appearance such as durian, here the world exchange catering, shopping and other places, as well as performing arts and other fashion experience. There are exhibitions, sometimes free. The concert hall is 0相关的主题文章: