Russian expert China air force will soon solve the engine problems Russia-U.S. par

Russian expert: China air force will soon solve the engine problems of Russia and the United States as the Russian satellite news September 9th article, the original title: Russian experts said Chinese air force will soon rival Russia Chinese leaders announced last month to strengthen the development of the aviation industry China especially advanced engine plan. This Russian experts said that Russia and the United States Air Force and China par era may have point the day and await for it. China’s most advanced aircraft will continue to rely on imported engines, but with the establishment of China aviation engine group, Beijing seems to be able to quickly solve the problem. Russian political and military research institute deputy director Krum Kitchin said, Chinese already ranks among the world’s three largest military power, has the strength to compete with Russia and the United States — including military aviation, air force "China like Russian counterparts in the air support still lags behind the United States, but is steadily narrowing the gap". In addition, in terms of the number of "fourth generation fighter, the next few years China must dominate the world, so that Russia and the United States Chinese fighters will be inferior by comparison, because younger. Strafer Chinese also improved rapidly. Therefore, in addition to the strategic air force, the Chinese fighter is quite competitive." China is taking advantage of a military research and development strategy, which is similar to its application to a broader industry, to absorb the Russian and Western technologies and localize it. "Chinese is the rapid narrowing the strength gap", in fact, Krum Kitchin believes that the production of power, China military aviation industry is the world’s leader. China’s annual production of more than 28 of the total number of fighter aircraft in NATO member states. The poor quality China fighter argument is nothing more than a myth. China aircraft accident rate is not higher than similar products in russia. The "arms export" magazine editor of the air force Chinese Lopez at potential envy. If there is a gap between China’s military aviation industry and the Soviet Union in the last century in 80s, there is only one generation or even half of the gap between China and Russia in the field in the past two years, and is rapidly shrinking. In addition, "by multiplying the number of quality, is making China gradually get on an equal footing with Russia and America aviation industry qualification." (Wang Huicong)相关的主题文章: