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Customer Service Its not unusual for professionals in the business space to embrace various philosophies that generally begin with the culture of Perhaps youve hear of the culture of quality and the culture chemistry? A new one is on the horizon regarding CRM called the culture of accountability. What the talking heads are referring to when they say the culture of accountability is really nothing more than gaining better results, or profits. Given this simple explanation of the term, every organization should be focused on the culture of accountability. A sales rep could easily be called a producer, if in fact they actually produced at a level you expect of them. Whats more likely is that youve got a handful of sales reps who are making up for the weaknesses of a majority of the other reps. Not everyone performs at the same level, but with more accountability, you can find their weak points and coach them into a situation where they all be.e producers. For the sales departments that capture spotty information through inconsistent sales reports, the prospect of actually gaining any insights from the salesforce seems impossible, but this is exactly where the culture of accountability has its core. Your database is probably void of any useful material that gives you insights into your sales reps performance, which means you need more consistent sales reports or youll never see full sales accountability. The problem isnt necessarily with your sales managers or your sales reps the sales accountability problem could be with your CRM. Most vendors build up their solutions to make them useable by a large audience. In doing so, they often leave out useful tools for the sales team. For instance, the sales reporting tools are very time consuming to use, so you sales staff avoids sending reports. When you schedule training for the salesforce to get familiar with the CMR reporting features, youre pulling them away from their jobs for something they probably wont utilize on a consistent basis anyway. What they need is a sales-friendly mobile CRM app. The salesforce requires a mobile CRM app that allows them to send their reports in less than a minute. When they can quickly and easily send reports, theyll do it on a consistent basis. This provides an opportunity for you to gain more accountability among your reps because the reports give you insights into how each of your reps work. You can plainly see where they are strong and where they are weak. Front Row Solutions is a .pany that builds CRM apps for mobile devices that are perfectly suited for the salesforce. In fact, they are made for the salesforce. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: