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Samsung NOTE 7 bombed, the biggest winner may be the Chinese company – Sohu technology Lei Feng Network Press: the author of the 7Tens, the mobile phone industry veteran of more than ten years. The article starts in the WeChat public number semiconductor industry observation (public number ID:icbank). Last month, is believed to be the most difficult days since Samsung entered the new century, in August released a new flagship Note 7, this should be with powerful performance, perfect display to attract a large number of consumers in the NOTE 7 panic buying, market attention is also increasing, many good let Samsung become the media darling. But the frequent NOTE 7 good times don’t last long, bombing time again to Samsung in the teeth of the storm. Finally, Samsung had to announce the global recall of the newly released Galaxy Note 7, but the line version except. It is because of this decision, Samsung by domestic consumers criticized. According to Samsung official said, the reason for this decision is because the country is using a different battery supplier. Lenovo for many years, foreign companies often out of such events. Internet search, MITSUBISHI Volkswagen, IKEA and other international well-known brands, coupled with the "China area not recall" keywords, can be found a negative news, triggering fierce discrimination conjecture. This time the Samsung also caused criticism China consumers. In view of this explosion, Samsung Corp will soon be the national quality inspection administration interviewed. Samsung (China) announced that since September 14th, the recall part of the Galaxy during the period from July 20, 2016 to August 5, 2016, Note7, the number of people involved in mobile phones reached 1858 units. A number of domestic airlines for safety reasons, but also closely follow the introduction of foreign airlines ban Galaxy Note7 boarding provisions. This is a continuous blow to Samsung mainland market, let the popular view Samsung mobile phone to become difficult to quell the grenade. Until the day before, consumers in the Post Bar revealed, NOTE 7 state line version of a bombing, Samsung will recall to a climax. Then another single NOTE explosion and 7 lines in the newspapers. SamSung China had to join the domestic manufacturers to do a test, and yesterday issued a test report. The report shows that the reasons for the explosion of domestic NOTE 7 is caused by external heating. Samsung NOTE 7 domestic battery supplier ATL also issued a statement, the explosion in the battery, the heat source from the battery itself. Judging from Samsung’s own report and ifixit dismantling of the evaluation report, the whole thing is because of the choice of battery suppliers and guide. As for the otherwise peaceful line Note 7, what the reason is because the explosion, we do not intend to speculate, not rash to judge 7 Security in Samsung NOTE. From the editor’s point of view, through the NOTE 7 explosion, I know a domestic battery talent Whampoa  military academy, said the ATL (Amperex Technology Limited).相关的主题文章: