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SEO Do you know the reasons why ranking of your site fluctuates? Simply, due to lack of sincere campaigning and marketing strategy, you lose your rank and none ever visits your website once you leave the page one of search results. If you are struggling hard to be found on the first page of search results, you need to put forward all your hard labors but of course be smart enough. Start believing in results only which counts at the end of the day. Search engine ranking optimization algorithms is an ever-changing world. To provide online users better navigation experience and to prevent spamming, algos undergo several changes. However, the prime aim for optimizing websites is offer users better solution. If you are offering the best solution on earth, its damn good. But, do folks know about your offerings? This is the reason why digital marketing is on the rise. And to promote well on the web platform, you must abide by the rules and regulation announced by various SEs. Otherwise, worse consequences are on the way. 5 Easy, Simple and Authentic ways to higher Rank and Retain Your Rank for longer- #1. Keyword Research- Rank is considered in relation to a keyword. On the other hand, users search information by typing certain keywords on the search engines. Extensively searched out keywords are needed to be included in the core of your campaign. No matter how are campaigning, keywords have their pivotal role in driving traffic to your websites. Find out all the highly search out keywords and absorb them in your campaigning. You will see the difference. #2. Socialize With Niche Websites and Linking- Higher PR websites and article directories and blogs already have a bigger traffic. They enjoy massive readership on the web. To drive some share of this traffic flocking to these websites, you socialize with them by creating link. Remember a link must serve the purpose of humans; link building considering Search engine has no use. Forget about it. #3. Website Directory Submission- By submitting websites to directory, you get a back links and thereby drive traffic on your landing page. Keywords which you have already chosen would play the role of anchor tags. Getting backlinks from websites directories improves your search engine ranking optimization. #4. Exchanging Links With Niche Websites- Besides backlinking, exchanging links among your niche websites, brings in fruitful results. To rank higher you need visibility on page one of search results. For this reason linking with high PR niche is a wise and smart way. It simply contributes in increasing website traffic. Bigger the traffic is better the business. #5. Blog Commenting After Reading- For top rank, one needs to be creative, fresh and authoritative in content creation. Your content must offer value to your users. Blog commenting is a great way of driving traffic to website if you are reading those blogs and commenting in a more informative way. Arousing users curiosity in favor of your business is what every smart commenter strives for. Once, you play this trick you are done with half of your battle. In Brief, You must know the need, atmosphere and goal of you business. In todays online business, competition among business entities have been skyrocketed. Overtime, it would intensify. This simply suggests that none would care for your offerings if you cant be found online. For both a amateur and a professional the first page of search results matter only. The rest pages are left without notice. Keeping this view in mind, you need to rank top on the first page of search results; otherwise you are just wasting your resources despite that you are quite potential to offer the best quality products or services. Search engine ranking optimization is the only way to climb up the ladder and touch the sky. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: