Shale gas development welcome blowout 2020 strive to achieve 30 billion cubic meters of energy tianbi

The development of shale gas attack "blowout"   in 2020 and strive to achieve output of 30 billion cubic meters of energy — National Energy Bureau recently issued the "shale gas development plan (2016-2020)" proposed in the policy support and market development in successful cases, greatly improve the shale gas production, and strive to achieve the 2020 shale gas production of 30 billion cubic meters. Experts said that the development of shale gas will effectively promote transportation, steel, materials, equipment, cement, chemicals and other related industries, to attract domestic and foreign investment, and promote the sustainable development of local economy and national economy. "12th Five-Year" during the exploration and development of shale gas in China has made a major breakthrough, become the first outside North America to achieve large-scale commercial development of the country, has laid a solid foundation for the industrialization development of "13th Five-Year". The National Energy Bureau official said, "13th Five-Year" period, the new normal economic development will promote the adjustment of energy structure optimization, natural gas and other clean energy demand continues to increase, provides strategic opportunities for the large-scale development of shale gas. With the strengthening of air pollution control, vigorously promote clean low-carbon development strategy and actively promote the new urbanization, natural gas will play a greater role in the adjustment and optimization of energy structure. Energy Development Office of the State Council issued the "strategic action plan (2014-2020)" put forward clearly, to 2020 natural gas accounts for China’s primary energy consumption will reach more than 10%, vigorously develop shale gas in line with China’s energy development trend. Rich resource base and a good start for the development of China’s shale gas industry provides a solid guarantee. "12th Five-Year" period, China’s shale gas development breakthrough in South China, the large-scale commercial development of shale gas in Sichuan basin and many other favorable areas of industrial test flow, the South Sea Xiang Long horse Creek group of shale gas resources and development potential have confirmed. At the same time, China has basically mastered 3500 meters in shallow sea facies and efficient development of shale gas technology, will provide strong technical support for the "13th Five-Year" to accelerate the development of shale gas industry. It is understood that China’s shale gas wells single well investment, and production decline fast, stable gas production requires a large number of wells to be replaced between wells. Therefore, the larger scale of investment in shale gas development, the implementation of a long cycle, more uncertainty, shale gas development companies have greater financial pressure and investment risk. At the technical level, deep development technology has not yet mastered. The development of shale gas resources buried more than 3500 meters has higher requirements for the drilling and completion of horizontal wells and the production technology and equipment. Exploration and development competition is another big problem. Shale gas favorable area of mining rights and registered the conventional oil and gas mineral rights overlap, conventional oil and gas mineral rights exit mechanism is not perfect, it is difficult to play the advantages of independent minerals of shale gas. With the oil, coal and other traditional fossil energy prices fell, natural gas competitiveness declined, consumption growth slowed significantly. At the same time, domestic natural gas production increased steadily, Russia, Central Asia, China and Myanmar liquefied natural gas (LNG) and a series of long-term natural gas import agreement signed, the future of natural gas supply capacity significantly improved. Experts said that according to the current energy相关的主题文章: