[Shanghai] food for the love of the pursuit of perfection – Sohu and so barcarolle

[Shanghai] "food" for the love of the pursuit of perfection and so the Sohu from August 2016 to November will store up a whirlwind of delicacy. "In 2016" Michelin tour delicacy for all lovers to attain extraordinary delicacy is gluttonous feast. Activities will invite 4 Michelin star chef respectively to the Le Royal Meridien Shanghai Hotel award-winning Italian restaurant and French restaurant kitchen, cooking all kinds of dishes, stunning your taste buds, take you to "food" also. Le Royal Meridien Shanghai Hotel portrait launch "food feast activities, the feast theme from Western-style food wobble and decorate art. You will witness the whimsy of cooking skills, the Michelin chef rise above the common herd creative wobble, popular taste delicious sauces, understand the concept of making star kitchen alone, Yue Kai diners delicacy trip. At the same time, the event also is gluttonous eaters were prepared for the unique dining experience, table service, exquisite wobble, "taste" theme gifts, Michelin star kitchen special dinner cocktails, starlight special custom VIP exclusive privileges and the leesons suite. November 14th to 20, from afar star chef Quim Casellas will take off Lufa AI Le Royal Meridien Shanghai Hotel restaurant, and teamed up with chef Asu presented as pure lovers of French delicacy delicious, this will be the "in 2016" activities at the end of a journey of exploration delicacy. As a family business in Spain Michelin Star Restaurant Casamar restaurant chef. Quim Casellas kept his love of cooking and delicacy, is committed to creating a let every visiting diners can feel the warmth and enthusiasm of the Spanish restaurant. With a passion for cooking, Quim created a lot of classic dishes, creating unforgettable delicacy trip for guests. Liang Lei is the chef of the French restaurant in Le Royal Meridien Shanghai Hotel. He is a native of Shanghai, but his fate seems to be written in france. There, he was deeply attracted by the local romantic lifestyle and food, thus opening up his dream of cooking. "We are very honored to be invited to star chef Quim Casellas teamed up with Asu in AI Lufa restaurant for all cooking authentic Italian cuisine. Two chefs are very much looking forward to the guests bring a gluttonous enjoyment, let you indulge in endless romantic French delicacy in the world." Le Royal Meridien Shanghai Hotel kitchen Director – Diaz said. November 15, 2016 to 20, the guests will taste the unique dishes personally designed by Mr. Quim, dinner 388 yuan /, 428 yuan / person in November 18th’s dinner, the only invited 70 seats; in November 20th 528 yuan / brunch, 250 seats were invited to the city. This special activities has 3 kinds of different price VIP privileges, including starlight dinner, brunch, star kitchen postcard and more surprises and exclusive privileges. Price from 1219 yuan. Shanghai Huang Zhang相关的主题文章: