Shanghai Stock Index narrowed and concerned about unmanned

Stock index decline narrowed on unmanned         Sina tips: This is a stock review section, only personal views and analysis of the securities consultation on related stocks or sectors, not official news, Sina does not guarantee its authenticity and objectivity, investors operate risk own. For all the accurate information about the stock, please take the announcement of the Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchange as the standard. Sina Level2:A shares of sina finance client speed Kanpan: the most profitable investors in the Shanghai index opened on Monday morning after the decline narrowed. The central bank [micro-blog] recently released 2015 fourth quarter monetary policy report pointed out that the next stage, the central bank will maintain the continuity and stability of policy, continue to implement prudent monetary policy to maintain an appropriate degree of timely fine-tuning, and enhance the pertinence and flexibility to the supply side structural reform in total demand management. Create a neutral moderate monetary and financial environment for structural reforms. Pay close attention to the change of Shanghai stock index turnover. The Shanghai composite index did not perform well on Monday morning. Assuming the Shanghai stock index rebounded, pay attention to the follow-up of the transaction and the pressure near 2900 points. If the Shanghai Composite Index drops, we need to focus on the shrinking of turnover and the support of 2600 points near the integer mark. Driverless plate trend better. From the plate perspective, driverless, virtual reality, non-ferrous metals and gold and other sectors of the trend is relatively good. It is said that the UK market research agency released the latest survey report, which is expected to include apple, Google [micro-blog] and Amazon [micro-blog] technology companies in the future or lead the trend of the interconnected driverless car market. Analysts predict that the value of the connected driverless car market will reach 600 million dollars by 2020. Under the influence of the news, the unmanned sector rose. Stocks, Asia Pacific shares (002284), iFLYTEK (002230) and Trinidad (600074), the trend is good. The investors are advised to focus on unmanned plate. On Monday, the Shanghai composite index declined slowly, and the gem index showed slightly better performance. SG recommend aggressive investors, control positions can participate in unmanned hot plate.   go into Sina Finance shares 沪指跌幅收窄 关注无人驾驶     新浪提示:本文属于个股点评栏目,仅为证券咨询人士对相关个股或板块的个人观点和分析,并非正式的新闻报道,新浪不保证其真实性和客观性,投资者据此操作,风险自担。一切有关该股的准确信息,请以沪深交易所的公告为准。 新浪财经Level2:A股极速看盘 新浪财经客户端:最赚钱的投资者都在用   周一上午上证指数低开后,跌幅不断收窄。央行[微博]日前发布2015年四季度货币政策执行报告指出,下一阶段,央行将保持政策的连续性和稳定性,继续实施稳健的货币政策,保持松紧适度,适时预调微调,增强针对性和灵活性,做好供给侧结构性改革中的总需求管理,为结构性改革营造中性适度的货币金融环境。  关注沪指成交额的变化情况。周一上午上证指数表现不佳。假设沪指反弹,关注成交额的跟进情况以及2900点附近的压力。如果上证指数下探,需要重点看成交额的萎缩情况以及整数关口2600点附近的支撑。   无人驾驶板块走势较好。从板块上看,无人驾驶、虚拟现实、有色金属和黄金等板块走势相对较好。有消息称,英国市场调查机构公布最新调查报告,其预计包括苹果、谷歌[微博]和亚马逊[微博]在内的科技公司未来或引领互联无人驾驶汽车市场的潮流。分析人士预计互联无人驾驶汽车市场价值到2020年或达到6亿美元。在该消息影响下,无人驾驶板块出现上涨。个股方面,亚太股份(002284)、科大讯飞(002230)和保千里(600074)等走势较好。   神光建议投资者关注无人驾驶板块。周一上证指数跌幅不断收窄,创业板指数表现稍好一些。神光建议激进投资者,控制好仓位可以参与无人驾驶等热点板块。   进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: