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Shanxi Guang Wu Ming the Great Wall landscape collapse   official: Department of wind in the Henan of branch network — original title: Shanxi Guang Wu Ming the Great Wall gate collapsed Shanyin County Cultural Relics Bureau of Beijing in October 7 in response to Xinhua recently, known as the most beautiful Shanxi Guangwu the Great Wall landmark "Moon" suddenly collapse, caused widespread concern netizens. Shanyin County of Shanxi Province Cultural Relics Bureau official website today issued a document that, in October 4th, Ming Guang Wu the Great Wall No. 10 towers "hollow floor collapse is caused by a rare gale, had no signs of collapse, but not someone digging to soil and brick or other man-made damage caused by factors. Shanyin County Cultural Relics Management Bureau said, according to village witnesses said the incident at the time, the wind is rare, the Lightning flashes and thunder rumbles., Wu Village stalls, barn roof rolled away, some poles were blown down, causing the surrounding village blackout. According to the meteorological department reported that when the wind reached 8 mountain, mountain wind is greater. After the incident, Shanyin county government attaches great importance to the first time rushed to the scene disposal, the competent departments of the municipal and county cultural relics has adopted a series of emergency measures to protect the scene, to prevent further damage caused by wind and rain. At the same time, the county government has decided to invite the provinces as well as higher level experts to the scene to rescue and repair team, put forward solutions as soon as possible. According to relevant records, Guang Wu Ming the Great Wall built in the Ming Wanli 33 years, about 6 km in length, from the famous Yanmenguan less than 5 kilometers, is one of the most ingenious design and construction in Shanxi is the most delicate, the most complete extant brick package to the Great Wall, the Great Wall in China is also the longest period authentic ancient the Great Wall. Earlier media reports said, according to local scholars said that due to the Shanxi the Great Wall line points, coupled with the lack of funds, the protection of a lot of the time too. On the destruction of the Great Wall mainly from several aspects, long-term wind and rain erosion caused the the Great Wall natural damage, production, life, transportation, construction damage is one of the reasons, over the years, the building of border village farmlands directly from the Great Wall to pull through wall brick, road truncation of Tourism development and damage repair, causing many original features from different degree of mark there is destruction, mines, quarries and private places of the Great Wall and harvesting, causing local ecological destruction, the protection of the the Great Wall in Shanxi is a long way to go. Wu Guang Ming the Great Wall (map) Guang Wu Ming the Great Wall (map) (commissioning editor: Song Fangxin, Wang Pei)相关的主题文章: